Steel Fencing Versus Aluminium Fencing

Good day/evening our dear blog reader! Steel fence versus aluminium fence. To be frank the word “versus” should be eliminated here, but it just sounded so competitive and awesome that we decided to use it in this case. But it’s not an appropriate place to use it because this is not a competition between steel fencing and aluminium fencing. Why? Because it comes down three little, but main things: durability (strength), location and price.

Let’s dig a bit deeper.

1. Durability and strength. Let’s compare those two fencing materials. 

Aluminium fence.

Aluminium fences, and also aluminium gates are, we might even say, one of the longest lasting fences and gates because aluminium is naturally resistant to corrosion, therefore it will stay rust free for longer. Aluminium is a great durable fencing and gate material because it’s not affected by the weather conditions like humidity or hotness of the sun. Its reflectivity is also very high, meaning that in the summer it does not absorb radiant heat so your fence will keep its interior cooler, and then in the colder times it does not absorb low absorption heat so your fence will maintain the warmth in the winter.

Aluminium has also a high scrap value, meaning aluminium material, in our case aluminium fencing, can’t get damaged easily. And it’s also recyclable. So if green lifestyle is your lifestyle, then you might consider getting aluminium fence instead.

Before we move on to the good and the bad of the steel fencing, let’s take a look at some of the extra features of aluminium material. Aluminium is quite lightweight, therefore it is much easier to transport it, making transportation cost lower.

So far we’ve talked only about the good of the aluminium material. Is there a downside to that material? Of course there is, it’s real life, there’s always a “but”.

But! But aluminium material is not resistant to strong forces, making it not the best choice for fencing when it comes to high standard security. Yes, it can be light, more resistant to corrosion, and have even a high scrap value, but it’s definitely not the way to go when it comes to commercial and industrial fencing, just simply for the security reasons.  

This is where we turn to steel fencing.

Steel fence.

Steel fences and steel gates are known for their strength and durability.  Your next questions might be: “But what about corrosion?” Firstly like we said, there’s always a “but”. But..see here it is again, we will try to eliminate that “but”. Steel fencing can be protected from corrosion and rust. It can be galvanized and/or powder coated. We have written few good articles about powder coating and how it can protects your steel fencing from corrosion, so therefor we will not get more into this. But you can read more from here:

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So when it comes to corrosion, Diamond Fence always makes sure that the fencing material used is protected against the corrosion in the best possible way.

Steel is much heavier than aluminium, but this heaviness gives steel an extra strength and durability against the intruders. Steel fencing is widely used in commercial and industrial premises, and that for a reason. It is one of the best and strongest security fencing materials.

What if you have a residential home and you still want to install a steel fence, but are afraid that you don’t really need that heavy material? Well, it’s your lucky day because you can always turn to tubular steel fencing. It’s hollow inside and it makes it lighter, but it still has stronger security characteristics than aluminium fencing might have. Tubular steel fencing is perfect because it can easily be powder coated into the colour you like and at the same time this powder coating will give tubular steel fence protection against corrosion.

2. Location.

Oopsies, we kind of covered that topic in the above. But let’s repeat ourselves a little bit here. When it comes to location then as we mentioned then aluminium steel might be better for residential houses, rather than industrial or commercial properties strictly because of the security reasons. Also if the surrounding area is a high corrosion area, then make sure that you will purchase steel fence that is protected against the corrosion. Good way would be to use galvanized or powder coated material.

3. Price.

Third but not least (here’s the “but” again!), is the price. Aluminium fencing might be the cheaper option, but do remember why are you planning to install a new fence? Is it for the high security reasons? Then you should definitely turn to steel fencing as it’s much stronger material and better for security fencing. 

But! You can always turn to Diamond Fence, and together we can find the best solution with a great price for steel fencing that will provide you with the best security and of course with a great aesthetic value!

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