If you ever wondered why should you install palisade fencing, then keep on reading. In this blog post, we will look into steel palisade fencing benefits. Like any other fencing style, for example, tubular steel fencing or chain link fencing, palisade fences are great for security purposes. They provide a protective boundary that will keep your property or home safe.

However, protective security features are not the only desirable features of a security fence.

Tubular steel palisade fencing Melbourne

Benefits of installing a steel palisade fence

Firstly, let’s start with clearly defining what palisade fencing is. If you are considering upgrading or replacing your fence, you might be interested in knowing more about palisade fences. Palisade fencing uses two horizontally running rails that are connected by vertical rails. The material of palisade fences varies. Modern fences use steel due to its durability. To add an extra layer of protection, palisade fences are galvanized and/or powder coated. These coatings will protect the steel palisade fencing from corrosion.

This leads us to the second reason why you should install steel palisade fencing – durability. As discussed above, steel palisade fencing will last you for many years. It is not a surprise that steel is the most demanded fencing material. It is also a popular choice in support structures for buildings, rail tracks and other architectural features for a reason. It is one of the most versatile materials discovered. Steel is not susceptible to termites, it will withstand harsh weather conditions and even fire. Therefore, making it suitable for fencing in bushfire-prone areas. With proper maintenance, your palisade fencing can last more than thirty years!

That, in turn, takes us to the next benefit of the steel palisade fencing – low maintenance. As for the majority of steel fencing in Melbourne, you need to give it an annual checkup.

Below will help you with your checklist.

  1. Inspect the whole palisade steel fence at least once a year. What are you looking for? Any damage to the fence, as in many cases it is financially cheaper to fix the problem than replace the whole fencing. The damage you are looking for can be as simple as missing caps to more complicated issues such as broken or bent palisades, rust, chips or scratches that expose the bare metal making it susceptible to corrosion.
  2. You should wash your fence 1-2 times a year. Every six months would be the preferred option. The reason for washing your fence is that it will get rid of the dirt and debris that could potentially create a damp environment for corrosion.
  3. Depending on the size and length of the fence, if manageable, you should wax the palisade fencing. Waxing the fence with a gel-type car wash wax can provide a layer of protection against UV rays. Exposure to the sun causes fading of the colour of the fence.

Palisade Fencing Melbourne

Custom-made steel palisade fences

The beauty of palisade fences is that they do not come in one form, shape and size. They can be custom-made to tailor all your fencing needs. The height of the fence, material, type and colour can be accustomed to your needs. If you have any specific requirements, turn to our fencing team, who will advise all the necessary information.

Some of the different types of palisade fences include D-shaped pales (offering medium security), W-shaped pales (highly effective security features) and, lastly, angle steel pales (suited for residential areas).

If steel palisade fencing is something that interests you, turn to our friendly Melbourne fencing team.

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