Benefits Of Steel Palisade Fencing Gates

It’s a well-known truth that palisade fencing is one of the best security fencing solutions. What about palisade fencing gates? Do they serve the same purpose, and would we recommend them?

The only answer would be: Yes1 We do recommend having a palisade fencing gates.

Let’s take a look at why, or what to expect when installing palisade fencing gates.

Palisade fencing is a term used by fencing experts very frequently. What does it mean? In the old day, many decades ago, palisade fencing meant a stake wall or a paling made out of wooden or iron stakes.

Nowadays, the concept is the same, but the materials and technology used to install the palisade fencing have changed drastically.

A clear palisade fencing specification depends on the material used. We are going to look at the steel palisade fencing. Steel palisade fencing is made out of cold-rolled steel rails that are attached to running rails (horizontally) and connected to steel joists (vertical).

What about the height of the palisade fencing? And of course, palisade fencing gates? It all depends. As always, it will come down to the specific requirements of the fencing project. Whether it’s for commercial, industrial or domestic fencing purposes, the height of the steel palisade fencing will be determined by the surrounding environment and the risk factors associated. For example, if it’s for domestic purposes in Melbourne suburbs, you might not need to get as high palisade fence or a gate as you would if it was in a secluded industrial area.

When turning to us, Diamond Fence, we can meet your specific steel palisade fencing requirements. If you do don’t know what your fencing requirements are, don’t worry. Our experienced fencing experts will make sure to advise you with the best steel palisade fencing solutions.

All the characteristics that apply to palisade fencing, also apply to palisade fencing gates. They are simply steel gates where palisade fencing has been used. The vice verse might not be true.

When it comes to gates, there are a few more decisions to make compared to simply installing the fence.

Firstly, let’s look at similarities. Palisade fencing and palisade fencing gates come in different heights and widths, meaning you can determine them. Also, you can choose between single and double leaf fencing varieties.

Galvanizing is something most of the steel palisade fences and gates have. They are covered with a zinc coating, giving it extra protection from corrosion. That zinc coating usually gives it a silver look. If grey is not your favourite colour and you want something different, then powder coating is an option for you. The powder coating not only gives it the look you want, but it also acts as a protective factor against corrosion.

Installing gates involves some additional decisions. For example, you need to decide if you want a manual or automatic gate, swinging or sliding gate, or maybe a bi-folding gate. It depends on your budget (manual or automatic)and from the space surrounding your old gate or where you are planning to install your new steel palisade fencing.

Palisade fencing is truly good fencing and gate solution when security is your priority. You have the freedom to choose the topping of your palisade fence or gate. The top finishes, like pale with single or triple pointed options, rounded or notched finish, straight cut pales or square topped pales, give you the option to extra secure your palisade fence or gate.

Here’s our quick look into palisade fencing and palisade fencing gates. If you found that palisade fencing is for you, then contact us today. Diamond Fence will help you out!

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