Storage Cages For Better Security

Have you ever thought of installing a storage enclosure into your basement or your factory for some extra storage space? Yes? Great! Then you can call Diamond Fence on (03) 9735 4566  or write us an email on and we’ll find a solution that suits you. Fencing Melbourne since 1978, you can be sure to receive the fencing solution you’d be happy with.

What if your answer is “no” and you need some more convincing? Challenge accepted! For that let us answer three simple questions for you:

1. Why storage enclosure fencing?
2. Where to use storage enclosure fencing?
3. What material to use for storage enclosure fencing?

Let’s start with our first question. Why? The answer is simple: SECURITY. Whether it’s the boxes full of memories you have put away into your basement as you’re not ready to let them go yet, but also don’t have the space to keep them in your house, or your bike you want to make sure won’t find a new owner without your permission, then using simple chain wire storage enclosure might be for you.

Maybe you’re running a million-dollar enterprise and have hundreds of employees working in your factory. Then make sure your employees safety comes first and you secure larger items, or pipes that might be running through the factory and its premises. How? Using metal storage enclosures!

Or even if you’re a farmer who has acres and acres of land and wants to make sure that the pipes running through your land are seen and secure. Once again you can turn to storage enclosure fencing.

Where can you use storage enclosures? We mentioned a few already, but will summarise it below:

1. Car parks
2. Over bonnet storage cages
3. Bike storage
3. Basements
4. Hospitals
5. Schools
7. Gas bottle, water tank or oxygen tank storage and protection
8. Protection for exposed utility pipes or water tanks
9.Commercial, industrial buildings 
10. Residential developments

The list could go on, but we’ll stop here.

This brings us to our last question. What material should you use for storage enclosure fencing? Well, it depends from the location and the purpose your are looking for your new metal storage enclosure to serve. Is it indoor or outdoor? Let’s say if it’s just for extra storage space you’re trying to achieve, then chain wire will do well as it’s also a cheaper option to get some extra storage room. But if you are looking to install storage enclosure fencing outdoors where it faces harsh weather conditions and corrosion, or even in your basement where it can get a lot of moisture, then you should consider installing chain wire that has been galvanized or PVC coated as it will fight the corrosion for a longer period of time.

But let’s say if you need something stronger then you can also consider the below options for a storage enclosure fencing or metal cages:

1. Chain wire (galvanized, PVC coated) – Never hurts to say chain wire twice!
2. Welded mesh (welded mesh panels)
3. Tubular steel (powder coated)
4. Stainless steel 

So if we managed to change your “no” answer to “yes”, and you’d like to know more information about metal storage enclosures, or you already know what metal storage cage you need, then give us a call on (03) 9753 4566 , shoot us an email on , or just get a FREE online quote.