When It Comes To Safety At The Construction Site, Think Safety Barriers

Having a large or a small construction site requires safety barriers to keep your workers safe! Safety hazards in construction include the following:

1. Working at heights

Common working at heights related hazards should be the concern of yours when you or your employees are working from ladders, platforms or scaffolds. Let’s say you own a roofing company and you are installing new roofs. Your day to day job involves using ladders or platforms. Or you are working over tanks or pits, or on any elevated structures.

Construction workers in Melbourne work constantly in heights and injuries from falling from heights or items falling from up above to the people working below can cause a great damage and injuries. This is why poor edge protection, unguarded openings, not using guardrails and safety barrier can become fatal.

If working outside, weather is an important factor to consider. Either window cleaning, maintenance of the building, or even if it’s just painting a wall, wind or sunshine can disturb you and while working at heights without proper safety barriers this is a working hazard that can lead to serious accidents.

2. Moving Objects

When it comes to construction site safety, it is important to have a separate area for moving vehicles that are manoeuvring to get from point A to point B and usually trying to cover the distance as fast as possible without paying much attention to other moving objects. Regulated traffic is very important, but to make it safer for everyone, there should be lanes for tradespeople and operating machinery to move so they won’t collide. Construction sites can become hectic with everyone running around trying to get their job done as fast and as efficiently a possible and being in a rush can cause accidents as having attention on many things can take your attention away from what’s happening around you. Having safety barriers separating different areas can prevent many unneeded work related accidents.

3. Slips, Trips and Falls

Slipping, tripping and the result of that of course, falling, is happening at the construction sites almost every day. Some are minor slips, some are major falls and with proper safety measurements could partly be avoided. Human negligence and not cleaning up after spilling something at workplace can lead to slips, trips and falls and it should be a constant reminder to let the workers know the importance of keeping the work environment clean.

When it comes to objects like materials and equipment, bigger holes in the ground, or when the building is not completed and the work is still going on, but let’s say paused for some time being, then using temporary or permanent safety barriers is a wise decisions for the safety of your workers.

4. Electricity

Electrocution is a very dangerous hazard at the construction site. Working near the cables pose a great risk to the health of the workers. If possible, separate the area that has an electricity hazard. Using safety barriers is one way to go, or even fencing the hazardous area with a fence so no one without the permission to enter could enter.

The above are few of the construction site safety hazards that could be isolated with the safety barriers or appropriate fencing. It’s our recommendation to go through your construction site and make a checklist of major construction site hazards that you notice at your site. They don’t even have to be major, minor will have to be registered as well. Building sites are a health and safety nightmares because when people work, they are in a hurry and don’t pay attention what’s going on around them. So this is why leaving signs may not be the best safety measure as people just don’t have a spare second to read them. They look at them, but don’t register them. Kind of like hearing and listening: hearing doesn’t mean you’re listening. And the same comes to the safety hazard sings: looking at it doesn’t mean seeing it.

So this is why when it comes to major safety hazards, bigger and better safety measures are required. And Diamond Fence, as the trusted fence company in Melbourne, is recommending safety barriers for your construction.

Diamond Fence offers sturdy, high-quality metal safety barriers. And with powder coating you can choose the colour that will stand out at your building site, making sure that the safety barrier is noticed and will do it’s job, and separate workers from the potential workplace hazard. For example we can colour your safety barrier in yellow so this way it will be noticeable for afar. 

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