Local Fencing Contractor Can Save You Some Headache In The Future

Are you a regular visitor at the local food market during weekends? Yes!? We thought so. Colourful vegetables and fresh fruit is something you can find there. Grabbing your shopping bag and off you go! What’s the reason for your market visits? Better quality, cheaper price, you sleep better knowing where the food came from, or maybe you just want to support your local businesses? Whatever the reason, we can find you there whenever your grocery supplies are running out.  So why not support your local businesses like local fencing contractors when it comes to installation of a new steel fence? There are many reasons you should turn to your local fence contractor and where are here to make them crystal clear.

As many others, you start your search online. Most likely using Google. You type in ‘fencing contractor, fencing contractor in Melbourne’, or you might be a bit wiser and type in ‘local fencing contractor’. Most likely, Google, using your location, will advise some of the nearest fencing contractors. Then you go to the chosen fencing contractor’s website and do some research. Maybe you like what you see, maybe you don’t. If you don’t, you move to another fencing contractor, or if you do like what you see on the website, you decide to contact them. You either write them an email, or if the matter is a bit more urgent, you give them a call.

1. Local fencing contractor’s customer service. Good, beyond average customer service is very important. One thing is what you get over the phone or via email. But something totally different is when you are close enough to stop by the office if the price quote and the terms received via email or over the phone call suit you. Face to face interaction can determine your future cooperation with your fencing contractor. If you choose solely based on the price you find online, then your chosen fencing contractor might be quite far away and you might meet them only when they come to install your new steel fence. But if it’s your local fencing contractor, who says you can’t stop by their office to see the people you will be dealing with.  Using your local fencing contractor gives your freedom to get to know the people behind the screen. Most of the times you can see right away if this is the business you want to be your fence contractor.

2. Price. When you use local fence contractor, you might save some bucks here and there. How so? The cost of the material and fence installation itself is on one side, but on the other side you have the cost of transportation. And using someone who is closer to your residential home, commercial or industrial premises, wherever you want your steel fence to be installed at, local fencing contractor’s transportation costs should be lower as the distance to travel to the fencing project location is shorter. Simple math indeed.

3.  When it comes to a child, maybe a pet,  the name is important. When it comes to products, the brand name is equally important. Brand name is given to a product or service to differentiate it from others, and over time this brand name becomes known to consumers. The reputation of the brand name can be either good or bad. Searching for a fencing contractor, you are looking for a business, or their brand name with a good reputation. And searching for a local fencing contractor will make it easier to find out if that fencing company has a good, trustworthy reputation. Getting information locally can somehow guarantee that what you’re finding out, is the actual truth. You can Google as much as you want, and find many reviews, but nothing really tops the fact that you’d be able to ask people or businesses about a specific business. The information carrier can be your neighbour, your coworker or someone you meet at your local Coles or WW. Whatever the case, the probability they know your local fence contractor are higher than probability of them knowing a fencing company you found online and is quite far away from your location.

4. Quality matters, and it matters especially when it comes to steel fencing. Who can guarantee that the fence contractor will provide the materials and fence quality they promised. Firstly when choosing a fence contractor, make sure that you are using someone, who is in compliance with Australian Standards! This will guarantee that the fencing product offered has the expected quality. Reputation that fencing companies have built over the years, will guarantee that they will provide a good fencing service as these companies care about their customers, and of course they want their good reputation to carry on. 

Diamond Fence has an excellent reputation that it has nurtured over more than 40 years. Also Diamond Fence’s fencing products meet Australian Standards. Our clients are happy with the results we’ve provided when it came to fence installation, fencing material supplies, or even just a simple fence or gate repair. Quality in all our fencing materials and customer service is very important to us as building solid relationships based on trust, respect and quality are the ones that will last.

5.  It’s easier to get testimonials about a local fencing contractors than the one you find online.  It’s also much easier to contact your local fencing contractor after your fencing project has come to an end. Accessibility is a major factor when it comes to local businesses. As we mentioned before, it’s much faster to stop by the office if you have any questions, claims, or just need some fencing advise, rather than writing an email and waiting for the answer. Local businesses are usually more accessible and most likely you’ve built a close relationship with them over the course of your steel fence installation, and if you have next projects planned or need some minor repairs done to your fencing, then you already know who to turn to, therefore speeding up the process of getting things done.

Above are some of the reasons why you should use a local fencing contractors. Diamond Fence is one of them. We are based in Knoxfield, but serve all Melbourne suburbs and rural Victoria. Our 40 + years of fencing experience shows that we are a trusted fencing contractor for local customers, but also a bit further out in Melbourne. We’ll get the job done, and the job done well wherever in Melbourne!

Give us a call on (03) 9753 4566 , shoot us an email on info@diamondfence.com.au , or just get a FREE online fencing quote.