Armco Barriers Are Also Known As Armco Railings

Armco barriers, also know as Armco railings, what’s the purpose of them? Many might not even know what Armco barriers look like, therefore just take a quick look above. This is an an Armco railing. You could also call Armco barrier as a traffic barrier because steel Armco barriers are widely used in traffic as safety barriers

Going on with your day-to-day life, you barely notice them, even if you spend many hours every week commuting to work, picking up your kids from school, going to gym or doing various daily tasks. How many times have you seen an Armco barrier on the side of the road? Or should we ask how many times have you noticed it? Not a lot, we assume. Sometimes you drive for a long time and feels like you’ve zoned out because you barely remember how you got from point A to point B, let alone noticing an Armco railing on the side of the road. No worries, just know they are there! For your safety!

Armco barriers play a big role in traffic’s safety. They are used on the side of the roads as barriers because they are usually made out of heavy galvanized steel that can put up with the contact with the vehicle. They are also installed on the highways to prevent vehicles from entering the opposite traffic way of the highway. 

There are various measurements of Armco barriers. Usually they are 3,5 m long and 3mm thick. 3 mm seems like not a big deal, but it’s enough to resist external forces while keeping the versatility that gives it ability to be so it could be curved into the shape it needs to be.

When talking about Armco railings, we can talk about the height: single height, double height and triple height. Basically the height means how many Armco railings do you have on top of each other. Below you can see what we mean.

The height might mean the number of railings, or the height may literally mean the measurement in centimetres. It can vary from being low to being quite high. It depends from your Armco railing supplier, but also from the actual need for a specific height. What do we mean by a specific Armco barrier height is that you may install it with a purpose to protect pedestrians in the car park, on the side of the road, in the gas station, or on a freeway and highway, therefore according to location you need to adjust the height. Some places will require higher Armco railings, some lower Armco railings. There might be safety regulations in place as well, so it’s a homework you need to do before ordering and installing Armco railing(s.)

Which brings us to another question: installing Armco railings. It’s not an easy job to do, and since most of the times Armco barriers are installed in the public places then appropriate Armco railing installer is used. One take away from Armco railing installation is that even though Armco barriers are designed to minimise injury to the people in the vehicle during the collision with the barrier, they should be installed only when the collision with the barrier is likely to cause less injury than the collision with the hazards that are behind it. If at any times possible, then you’d rather move the hazard away from its location than installing barrier to protect from it as collision with the barriers is still going to cause some kind of damage in one way or another. Why not to try to avoid it, right.

What about the maintenance of the Armco barriers?

As mentioned before, Armco railings, are usually made out of galvanized steel. Galvanized coating helps to protect Armco railing from corrosion. As they are made out of steel, they are highly durable. If they are in outdoors environment then the rain will most likely wash away any dirt on it. If in inside environment, then most likely you won’t have to do anything for a maintenance as it will serve you for a long time. But to make your Armco even better and help to stand out, you can powder coat your Armco guardrails into the colour you’d like, even if it’s just the edge of the Arco guardrail. Let’s say you want to powder coat the edges into yellow colour to make them stand out from the hazard behind it – you can do it easily with the appropriate powder coating!

Where can we use Armco railings?

1. Car parks
2. Highways
3. Freeways
4. On the side of the road to protect pedestrians
5. Gas tank protections
6. Warehouses/buildings to protect expensive machinery or to separate dangerous areas

As you can see from above, Armco railings find a wide usage in the environment surrounding us, but are not limited with the options above. You need to remember that Armco barriers are strong steel barriers and are used for the high security reasons as they are durable enough to stand against the external forces. So if you need an Armco railing for some other purpose than the above, then contact Diamond Fence and we’ll find the solution that will suit your needs, be it Armco railing or not. Diamond Fence, trusted fence supplier in Melbourne, will offer steel fencing services with the highest standards.

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