Diamond Fence provided fencing services by supplying and installing tubular steel fencing at Moorabbin Airport in Melbourne. Moorabbin Airport is a 294-hectare site, located 21 km southeast of Melbourne’s CBD. It is one of the busiest airports in Australia. Moreover, it is not simply an airport. It is a center of general aviation activities such as flying training, flight charter, aviation maintenance, and lastly, recreation aviation operations.

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Four Reasons for choosing tubular steel fencing

Moorabbin Airport is one of the many Diamond Fence’s customers who have preferred tubular steel fencing over many other fencing styles. It is no secret that tubular steel fences are one of the most popular choices across Greater Melbourne. Why is that so?

Reason #1

Tubular steel fencing is very sturdy. Its sturdiness comes from a zinc coating (galvanized tubular steel fences) that offers protection from several weather factors (rain, hail, UV). That, in turn, allows coated tubular fencing to last for many years without deteriorating over time comparing to some other fencing materials, for example, timber.

Reason #2

Tubular steel fencing is low-maintenance. Galvanized tubular fences do not require much maintenance. What is even better, having a strong coating does not allow it to crack or warp. Giving your tubular steel fence an occasional wash, 1-2 times a year, is enough to keep it maintained.

Reason #3

Tubular steel fencing provides you with many options. Tubular steel fences are made out of tubular steel. However, it still offers a variety of design options. If you are interested in tubular steel designs offered by Diamond Fence, contact our friendly fencing team, who will help you out with any fencing inquiries.

Furthermore, using tubular steel as a fencing material allows catering to any fencing needs. There are many sizes available. On top of it, there are several tubular steel types to choose from, for example, square, rectangular and circular tubular steel fencing.

Lastly, tubular steel fencing is not only suitable for domestic fencing around your house. It is suitable to be used as tubular pool fencing, brick-infills, pedestrian gates, handrails and driveway gates (sliding or swing gates, automatic or manual gates)

Reason #4

We have mentioned galvanizing as one of the measures to protect tubular steel fences. However, there is another method available to prolong the life span of the tubular steel. It is called powder coating. It is a process during which a free-flowing, dry powder is applied to the base metal. Unlike conventional liquid paint, powder coating is usually applied electrostatically. Lastly, the steel is cured under heat or ultraviolet light.

Hence, powder coating offers extra protection from environmental factors. 

The second most favourite thing about this coating technique is that it allows the customer to choose from many colour options. Meaning, your fence can be powder coated into the colour that suits your premises and fencing requirements.

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