Gate Automatisation Done Right

Sick and tired of constantly opening up your manual gate? It’s okay when it’s your residential house and the gate you have to open manually is your tiny entrance gate. What about if it’s your driveway gate? Or what if it’s your gate at your farmhouse that needs some extra force to open up as it’s big, heavy, and maybe even a little but rusty (if it’s a steel fence), and you just don’t have that energy with all the errands you have to run from day to day. Then it’s time for an upgrade! Upgrading your manual gate to an automatic gate might be the best idea you’ve had in a while!

Where to start when you’ve decided it’s time to change your manual gate for an automatic gate?

NUMBER 1: You are planning to replace the whole gate. The plan is to get rid of your old manual wooden or steel gate, and install a brand new steel gate. You need to know what kind of gate you want to install. Is the main reason higher security or you are more interested in an aesthetic value that the gate will add to your property? Smart choice would be to install steel gate that would incorporate both of these traits. Tubular steel gates are one of the smart choices. They are beautiful, can be powder coated into the colour you like and are strong!  This powder coating also protects from the corrosion making it last you for many-many years to come.

When it comes to installing a new gate, especially an automatic gate, we do recommend using trusted gate installer. Diamond Fence can help you out as we’ve had fencing experience of more than 40 years in Melbourne’s fencing industry and we have installed countless amount of manual and automatic gates for small and bigger projects.

If you decide that you don’t want to deal with demolishing your old gate, then call the gate installer and they will get it done for you as well. Once the old gate is gone, a new gate will be installed in no time. With Diamond Fence, you can be sure to get a solution that will suit your needs. Our specialists will evaluate the gate installation project, tell you the time, cost and any additional information that you should be aware of. For us it is important to find the solution that is the most efficient and most beneficial for the fencing customer. 

What to know when installing or choosing automatic gate?

1. Is there enough space to install an automatic gate? What’s your driveway gate’s width? You may think that you had a gate in place before, so you should be able to install a new, but an automated gate there. You’re right, you should. You just have to make sure that you choose the right one. For example will it be a sliding gate, a swing gate (single or double swing gate)? Your gate installer should be able to give you an advice when it comes to choosing the right gate type for your location.

2. Where does the power come from? Before installing automatic gate, you need to know where the power’s going to come from to power your new automatic gate. The logic is simple: without  the power your automatic gate will not work. Here’s again the reason to use trusted fencing and gate contractor as anything that has to do with electricity, should be left to specialists. You don’t want to mess that one up as it can be fatal.

Using solar power is also one of the smart choices. Solar power can help to balance out the costs of power in the future. You will use less power from the grid and in the long run it will save you money. It’s especially beneficial when using gates that are being used throughout the day and require power to operate, for example in a factory, farm, construction site etc.

Space, the source of power are few of the main things to consider. We’ve also mentioned the type and material. If you don’t know the answers to these questions, your gate installer will be able to help you out. 

NUMBER 2: You are planning to upgrade already existing manual gate to an automatic gate. Your current gate is in a good condition, you might have even installed it just a few years ago. It’s still good looking, fully functioning and strong, but finally your finances allow your to upgrade to an automatic gate. Or you are just tired of manually opening it. What’s next?

If your gate can be automated after installation of a manual gate, it should be a pretty straight forward process. Every case is individual and has to be evaluated by the gate contractor, but in most cases it’s doable.

Your gate will need a few tweaks here and there. For example you have to make sure that your posts are strong enough. If your posts are made from wood, they might need replacing. Or hinges that hold things together might need a replacement as they might not be strong enough for an upgrade. 

What you should consider is once again where does the power comes from. If it’s possible to connect your gate power outlet to the grid, can you use the solar power, or if these options are not possible, then you might consider automatic gate motor that will run on batteries. It’s not that convenient as you would have to check the level of batteries once in a while to make sure they’re not flat, but it’s something you’ll need to do if other power options are not possible.

Depending if you need to install a totally new gate or upgrade an existing one to an automated system, you should turn to a good fencing and gate contractor. They will be able to advise what’s the best solution for your gate.

Automated gates are the future as more and more old manual gates are being upgraded to an automatic system. Time is precious and having an automatic gate can save you heaps of time.

Therefore take some time to think if you need to upgrade your manual gate to an automatic gate, and if the answer is yes, turn to Diamond Fence. We’ll help you out! Together we’ll find the best way to turn your old manual gate into a modern, solid, fast and automatically functioning gate to make your life easier!

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