The Proper Handling Of Barbed Wire Fence Stretcher

Hopefully, a clear picture in our minds of what barbed wire fence is, let’s find out what is barbed wire fence stretcher and how to use it.

Using barbed wire fence stretcher to give the fence the exactly right amount of tension to make sure it is not loose, has to be done correctly to avoid any injuries to yourself or others around you.

Below are a few tips on how to use a barbed wire fence stretcher properly.

1. Start by checking the posts. They have to be solidly into the ground. Posts that are loose and moving will have to be fixed, otherwise, the barbed wire stretcher is useless as stretching the wire will just pull those posts looser. Therefore, even if it seems at first that you have done a great job by stretching the wire, don’t be surprised when you find it loose again very soon.

2. Once you’ve made sure that fence posts are solidly in the ground, you are ready to loop the barbed wire around the posts using heavy-duty pliers.

3. The next step would be to stretch the barbed wire. There are different types of barbed wire stretchers out there. You should follow all the safety instructions of the product. The same function applies to all of them, and that is that they all have some type of clamp to attach to the wire and a ratcheting system to tighten it.

You should start by stretching the top wire and then move your way down.  

How to start? You start by unrolling the wire to the next braced post. Then you take the clamp (might be permanently attached to the ratchet system as well) and attach it to the loose end of the wire, approximately a meter from the actual end of the barbed wire. Once that’s done, attach the clam to the ratchet system (if needed), and attach the other end of it to the second brace post. Make sure to leave enough space to wrap the stretched barbed wire to the post before stapling.

4. Now you are ready to ratchet the wire to get the desired tension.

As we mentioned before, there are several types of barbed wire stretchers and the best would be to read the instructions on how to use it.

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