Let’s Find Out What Is Chicken Wire

Till now, the main topics we have been talking about are chain wire fences, tubular steel fences and security fences. Today, we are going to focus on something a little bit different. We are going to talk about chicken wire fencing.

Without further ado, let’s see what chicken wire or chicken wire fencing is.


What was the first? The chicken or an egg? In our case, the chicken or an egg, doesn’t matter, as long as there are chickens. Because then we need fencing to keep them safe from the surrounding environment and running away.

Chicken wire is also called poultry netting. The name originates from the fact that this wire type is used commonly to fence in chickens so they can’t run away. The wire itself is thin, quite flexible and for extra protection from corrosion, it is commonly galvanized. The gaps are hexagonal shaped, meaning it’s a six-sided polygon.

The chicken wire comes in diameters of 1, 2 and 1/2 inches. Also, in various gauges like 19 and 22 gauge.

Where can you use chicken wire?

  1. As mentioned before, to fence in fowl (e.g. chickens).
  2. To build an enclosure for other smaller animals, such as rabbits.
  3. Surround plants to protect them. Let’s say when mowing the lawn.
  4. Chicken wire can be used in construction as a metal lath. It will hold cement or plaster, making it a versatile material.
  5. When making Papier-mâché sculptures (pulped or chewed paper sculptures), using chicken wire will help to make the armature of the sculpture much stronger.

The chicken wire is relatively cheap, that’s why it is a good fencing solution if you have chickens. You should know that even if it’s a cheaper fencing option, it is not as strong as other fencing solutions. For example, if animals you are trying to protect with the chicken wire fencing are prone to chewing, the fence will not do its protective job for long. Also, if the chicken wire has been galvanized (which it most likely has been), then gnawing it will certainly damage the wire and the protective zinc coating will be degraded, leaving the wire fence exposed to corrosion.

Picture Source: http://ptproviders.info/chicken-wire-fence-home-depot/

This blog post is a short but precise one. Now we know what chicken wire fencing is. If you require a stronger fencing type, such as tubular steel, chain link or maybe a welded mesh fencing, then contact our fencing expert team. They will be able to advise on what is the most appropriate fencing style for your specific fencing requirements in Melbourne!

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