Diplomat Fencing In Melbourne

Have you ever heard of diplomat fencing? Yes or no, it doesn’t matter as today we will look into diplomat fencing. Let’s answer the questions ‘what is diplomat fencing?’.

It’s not a long story as diplomat fencing is just another name for tubular steel fencing. Easy!

Why is diplomat fencing such a popular fencing solution in Melbourne?

1. An ultimate security fencing solution due to the material it is made of. Steel is a very tough and resilient metal. However, it needs to be treated or painted to protect it from corrosion. It’s essential, especially if the fence is going to be surrounded by a moist and damp environment.

2. Thanks to hollow steel, it is much easier to transport diplomat fencing material during the fence installation process.

3. Powder coating diplomat fencing allows choosing the desired fence colour. Also, powder coating adds a protective layer that protects against the corrosion.

4. A diplomat fence can be made to your exact requirements. Therefore, you can choose the colour, style and many other factors (gates, height, etc.)

5. You can add tubular steel gates to your fence. Here you can decide if you want a manual or automated, swinging or sliding gate out of many other options.

How long does a diplomat fence last? Depending on the material used for a diplomat fence, it can vary. For example, an aluminium – steel tubular fence can last a lifetime. Diplomat steel fences last decades, depending on how it has been maintained and if the protective layer has been added (galvanizing or powder coating).

If you are curious to know more about diplomat fencing, take a look at our fencing post about tubular steel fencing.

What makes tubular steel fencing so popular?

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