Diamond Fence’s blog posts have focused on various metal fences such as aluminum, wrought iron and chain link fences. However, we are yet to discuss an expanded metal fence.

What is an expanded metal fence?

Expanded metal fences are known with various names:

  1. Stainless steel expanded metal mesh fencing
  2. Expanded metal sheet fencing 
  3. Metal diamond mesh fencing

In summary, expanded metal fencing is made of metal sheets that have been processed by punching, shearing and stretching them to form a mesh-like sheet. 

Expanded metal mesh panels for your fencing are available in a variety of diamond-size openings, gauges and decorative patterns. They come in various materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum. You can also choose between the raised or flattened types and the surface treatment type (galvanized, powder coated or PVC coated).

expanded steel fencing

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Benefits of expanded metal fencing

As diamond-shaped openings or hexagonal openings are uniformly slit and stretched, they allow the passing of air, water, light, heat and sound.

Additionally, as the strands and bonds of the openings can be set at different angles, they can strengthen the expanded metal fence and make it look aesthetically more pleasing.

When expanded metal sheets are made, the process used makes sure that no material is lost during the manufacturing process. Hence, making it an economical and cost-effective fencing option.

As mentioned previously, an expanded metal fence can be tailored to your fencing requirements as the expanded metal sheet can be cut just as your fencing project needs. Expanded metal sheets can be easily adapted to fit various fencing frames in commercial and industrial facilities.

Once installed, an expanded metal fence is a good security fencing option as it deters cutting or climbing over it. It is also very versatile fencing with strong anti-corrosion properties.

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Applications of expanded metal fencing

Expanded metal sheets find application in various industries. Being cost-effective and a versatile security option, it is used at/as:

  1. Residential, commercial and industrial fencing
  2. Airports 
  3. Anti-climb panels
  4. Anti-ram vehicle barrier
  5. Border security
  6. Bridge perimeters
  7. Balcony/staircase barriers
  8. Commercial facilities
  9. Industrial manufacturing facilities
  10. Electrical grid security
  11. Freight yards
  12. Governmental facilities
  13. Rail lines
  14. Retail display areas
  15. Roads and highways
  16. Tunneling barrier panels

expanded steel fences melbourne

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