What Is The Fuzz About The ModWood?

Without further ado, let’s find out what is ModWood fencing and what’s so special about it.

Made in Australia, Modwood is a product made from a ground sustainable wood waste and plastic, and it contains no formaldehydes. Formaldehyde is a pungent-smelling gas, and it’s also colourless and highly flammable. It enters the environment through man-dame sources. It affects human health as it can be absorbed in different ways, such as through breathing, drinking, eating, or even through our skin. A high level of exposure to formaldehyde can be toxic as it can cause nose and throat irritation and affect the nasal cavity. The lower level of exposure can still affect the health, such as irritation that results in itching, soreness or burning sensation.

It is also great to know that Modwood is a local product, made here, in Melbourne.

What are some of the characteristics of ModWood? (More information on Modwood webpage).

1. Modwood, therefore, Modwood fencing, has good water resistance features. It doesn’t’ mean, of course, that you should install it in an environment with constant moisture as eventually it will cause the swelling of the material and can have an effect on other physical properties of ModWood.

2. Modwood doesn’t splinter, therefore, having Modwood fencing you don’t have to worry you or your children will end up with a splinter in their hand.

3. Modwood material has high protection against UV radiation. One thing to know when it comes to UV protection is that UV stabilisation is of the plastic component, not the wood. Therefore, it doesn’t have a big effect on the fading characteristics of the ModWood material.

4. ModWood has a similar surface temperature that timber has when comparing similar colours and finishes.

5. As much as we want our fence to look like the day we got it installed, the reality is, it will fade. So does ModWood. It will go through some colour change in the first couple of months. If you want to know more, then you can take a look at ModWood website: Care & Maintenance”.

6. Modwood has been tested by the CSIRO against the two most common termite species in Australia, and came out as a winner, having a superior termite resistance.

7. It is important to know that ModWood needs ventilation. Failure to pay attention to clearance on butt joins and spacing between the boards when installing them side by side, and of course, providing enough space between the ground and the ModWood can lead to the swelling of the material. Like we have mentioned before, Modwood has good moisture resistance, but it needs sufficient ventilation to dry after getting wet. Adequate clearance between the Modwood boards can provide just that.

8. When it comes to cladding, you need to know that ModWood cannot be used for cladding as it needs spacing between the boards. The reason is ventilation, just like explained above.

9. If you ask if ModWood material is fully scratch-resistant, the answer is no. You can still scratch it, but there are measurements you can take to make it less noticeable. Firstly, in time ModWood will fade to its natural colour, thus hiding the scuff and scratch marks. Also, using clear/natural decking oil, a clean rag and rubbing ModWood with it, will make the scratch marks less visible.

10. The next question you may ask is if ModWood is mould resistant? The answer would be that with the right care and maintenance, you should be able to avoid the growth of the mould. The cause for the mould growth is the wood-fiber base, and it also depends on the environment it is in. If it gets wet, it needs to dry. Failure to provide that option will lead to mould growth. There are a few other reasons why mould could grow on ModWood. For example, if it “sweats” under the plastic cover before installation, or if the stacking of the product is inappropriate and the material is not kept dry.

Thanks to the ModWood website, we have been able to provide some of the characteristics of ModWood material, and it all applies to ModWood fencing. Diamond Fence might be known as a steel fencing specialist, but providing ModWood fencing belongs to the fencing services we offer. Therefore, just give us a call and we will find a suitable fencing solution for you!

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