When reading the title of this blog post that mentions diamond fencing, the initial thought may have been that we are going to write about the Diamond Fence and its popularity. However, in this blog post, we will focus on diamond mesh fencing instead. The emphasis will be on answering the questions such as what diamond mesh fencing is, the benefits of that fencing type (hence, the popularity of this fencing style), and finally, how to take care of diamond mesh fences.

Thus, let’s start with the first focus point. What is diamond mesh fencing? It is a fencing style using a mesh with a diamond mesh opening. Simply put, diamond mesh fencing is another word for chain link fencing, chain wire fencing, chain mesh fencing, wire mesh fencing, wire netting, wire fence or cyclone fencing. As you see, there are so many different names for the same fencing style. Hence, confusion is understandable.

Diamond mesh fencing can be divided into three categories:

  1. Galvanized diamond mesh
  2. PVC (plastic coated) diamond mesh
  3. Stainless steel wire

The norm is that diamond mesh is manufactured with a uniform mesh opening and smooth surface.

Diamond mesh fencing finds a wide range of applications across many industries, be it in industrial, commercial or residential areas. For example, in sports stadiums/grounds, highways, railways, enclosing chicken, duck or other poultry.

diamond mesh fencing

Benefits of diamond mesh fencing

Talking about the benefits of diamond mesh fencing will also answer the questions ‘why is diamond mesh fencing popular’.

Reason #1

Diamond fencing is affordable. Its affordability, compared to some other fencing styles, makes it a fencing choice for many businesses and households. Thus, diamond mesh fences are among the least expensive fences to install in Melbourne. If you have a low-budget fencing project, then this fencing style might be right for you.

Reason #2

Just like a variety of names for the same fencing style, diamond mesh fencing allows variety. How come? You can choose between varying heights, gauges and even colour options. Therefore, diamond mesh fences can be customised to suit your fencing project.

Reason #3

If you are looking for a fence that allows visibility, then the diamond mesh will allow you to have that. It is an effectively see-through fencing alternative. For example, having high visibility is important at constructions sites to see approaching workers, pedestrians or vehicles.

Reason #4

Compared to other fencing styles, it is relatively easy to install diamond mesh fencing. By easy, we mean more quickly compared to other fencing styles. Thus, if the timeline is important when it comes to the installation of the fence, a diamond mesh fence might be your go-to. For example, the installation of a fence at a construction site.

Reason #5

Even though diamond mesh fencing is a low-cost fencing alternative and faster to install, it is still a durable fencing style. It is made from interlocking and coated steel wire. Also, as the wind passes through the openings, diamond mesh is far less susceptible to weather-related damage.

Reason #6

When diamond mesh fences get damaged and need repair work, it is cheaper to repair them. You can cut out and replace the damaged sections of your mesh fencing. 

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Maintenance of diamond mesh fences

Reason #7 would also answer the maintenance question. Diamond mesh fences are low-maintenance fences. Thanks to galvanized or vinyl coatings, it won’t rust or gather dirt. However, remember that when these coatings are scratched or damaged deep enough, the metal underneath will be exposed to corrosion.

To maintain diamond mesh fencing, give it a wash a couple of times a year, make sure that you trim off any plants growing up along the links, and check for damages and repair them once detected. That will let your diamond mesh fence serve you many-many years.

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