Steel Window Guards To Protect Your Property

Looking for extra security for your premises and you’ve heard of steel window guards, window grilles and even window bars. And now you’re confused as you cannot decide which one to buy and install, or get installed as you don’t know the difference between them. Or maybe they’re the same thing? Let us clear up this for you. As always we will use our best friend Google to clarify things.

Let’s start with definitions.

1. WINDOW GUARDS – metal or aluminum devices that are installed in the lower half of double-hung (vertically opening) windows and are specifically designed and tested to prevent children from falling from a window. They are not installed with a purpose to prevent burglary.

2. GRILLE – A grille or grill is an opening of several slits side-by-side in a wall, metal sheet or another barrier, usually to allow air or water enter and/or leave and prevent larger objects from going in or out.

So using the above definitions and some old facts, let’s try to make up our own definition for steel window grilles. What old facts? Glad you asked! Did you know that the Romans were the first known to use glass for windows in Alexandria ca. 100 AD.  In England glass became common in the windows of ordinary homes only in the early 17th century. But when the windows were firstly developed then lack of technology and  knowledge allowed to create glass only in small sheets and not in large sheets as we can today. It was just too fragile and easily breakable when you had to transport it. Thus the invention of window grilles that allowed to join many small peaces of glass in order to create a bigger window or a door.

As nowadays we don’t need window grilles to produce a bigger window or a door, therefore it has become an optional choice for people who want that aesthetic traditional or historical looking window.

Seems that knowing these historical facts does not answer the question from Diamond Fence’s perspective as we are steel fencing company and have nothing to do with historical window grilles. Therefore we’ll add a simple word in front of the “grilles” and see if that changes anything. We’re going to add “security” and we’ll get “security window grilles”. Yes, that change a thing or two for sure!

SECURITY WINDOW GRILLES – Grilles installed in front of the window or a door to prevent burglary.

Security window grilles can be custom designed to fit any window and can be made out of different materials like steel, aluminium.

WINDOW SECURITY BARS – Stout metal grids that are screwed or bolted through window frames to the structural framing.

Now once we have the above definitions, let’s get something straight. Many companies might use all of the above, window guards, window grilles and window security bars when based on the correct definitions we got using our friend Google, they might mean actually security bars. Hence the confusion between window grilles and window security guards is totally understandable.

Diamond Fence offers window security bars that can be be made exactly the way you want it – inch by inch. And we’ll powder coat it in the colour you like whether you want your house to look pretty with window guards, or you industrial premies to look warning, strong, and maybe even scary – of course for the burglars.

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