Today’s special edition will take a look at wire swing gates. What material, design and price should you be prepared to face once you’ve taken a decision to install wire swing gate whether into your back yard or your commercial/industrial premises.

DOUBLE OR SINGLE WIRE SWING GATE. You should start with deciding if you want a single or double wire swing gate. Most likely that decision is influenced by the fact of how big the gate should be. If it’s just a small gate, for example for your back yard, then likely you’ll go with a single wire sing gate. But let’s say if you own a big industrial factory or some commercial property and the entrance has to be wide enough for maintenance vehicles to pass through, we’d assume you’d like to have a double wire swing gate, of course if wire swing gate is what you’re looking for. For industrial and commercial properties you might look for something stronger than wire, maybe tubular steel swing gates, or use welded mesh instead. There are many choices to choose from, but today we are focusing on wire swing gates so let’s stick to that. Okay? Okay!

AUTOMATIC OR MANUAL WIRE SWING GATES. Another choice to make is if you want an automatic or manual swing gate. What are the pros and cons? Well, first and foremost automatic gates are so much more convenient. Let’s say you own quite a large farm in rural Victoria and to make the story more interesting, let’s say it’s a sheep farm and it’s a lambing season. Your everyday duties include getting sheep from one paddock to another to make sure that there’s enough of fresh grass for them to eat to maintain the level of nutrition they need to give birth to adorable baby lambs. The number of sheep you may have may reach up to as much as many thousands, and can you imagine getting out of the car or off your motorbike, or ATV to open up wire swing gate to let all the sheep through from one paddock to another. And can you imagine if you need to do that many times a day and with many different sheep groups and paddocks? Not the most fun way to start your morning with opening up old wire gates. So yes, so you could enjoy adorable baby lambs without stressing about old wire swing gates, and that’s by having automatic wire swing gates that will open up with a single push of a button, and will also save your time and definitely a large portion of your nerves.

When it comes to manual wire swing gates then the comfort might not be there, or the comfort that automatic wire swing gates offer, but the certainty is. Because when automatic wire swing gates rely on having the electricity and when there’s the a power shortage then automatic gates will stop operating. There’s a manual override in cases like that, but yet again you paid money for having that extra comfort and speed of automatic wire gates. But with manual gates you know that they will operate like normal no matter what. Yet you might think that you can get an automatic wire swing gate and when the power’s out then you can open it manually. Yes, logical thinking indeed! But! There’s always a but and in this case it’s the price.  Continue reading to find out more.

PRICE. Automatic wire swing gates are much more expensive than manually operating wire swing gates. Makes sense right as adding a little electrical motor to your gate rises the price of the wire swing gate. But how big is the difference actually? Well, quite considerable. We cannot advise the exact amount as every company has their own pricing policy and it depends from your exact requirements like the size, automated or manual etc. To find out Diamond Fence‘s wire swing gate pricing, call us or just send us an email and we’ll get back to you soonest!

INSTALLATION OF WIRE SWING GATES. When it comes to installation then the complexity of the gate installation job comes down pretty much to few important factors. Of course there are many more, but we’ll bring out just a few of them.

1. Location you’re installing it to (soil, moisture (corrosion)).
2. Single or double wire swing gate.
3. Automated or manual wire swing gate as automatic wire swing gates require installation of an opener.
4. Team that’s installing it (you on your own or you have a fencing contractor doing it for you)

Don’t take the shortcut when it comes to installing the wire swing gates even though it might seem like an easy task to do. Maybe when it’s just a small swing gate you’re planning to install to the fence surrounding your home, then you might be able to do it yourself. But regardless if it’s just a small job or a big industrial or commercial fencing job, you’r rather have an expert getting the job done. This way you can rest assured that your wire swing gate is swinging the way it’s supposed to!

And Diamond Fence will make sure that either single or double wire swing gate, the job will get done and will get done with the highest professionalism! Therefore don’t wait and call us on (03) 9753 4566, shoot us an email on, or just get a FREE online quote.