Automatic gates have made opening and closing the gates that are in frequent use a much simpler task. Access control bollards play a significant role in it.

In the below post, we will focus on the benefits of access control bollards for automatic gates and the range they come in.

What are access control bollards for automatic gates?

Access control bollards for automatic gates are stand-alone bollards that accommodate a wide range of access control accessories for fencing and gates. For example, proximity readers, intercoms, pushbuttons, cameras and access keypads.

access control bollards for automatic gates

What are the benefits of having control bollards?

REASON #1 – Comfort

With a simple push of a button, the gate will be open. If the gate is managed by a person, bollards allow having a voice prompt system to communicate with whoever is in charge of the access to the premises.

REASON #2 – Design

Gate access bollards come in various designs. That means you can choose the height of your control bollards as well as the colour. Typically, gate bollards come in yellow for better visibility, especially if they are for commercial and industrial sites. However, bollards are usually powder coated for protection from corrosion. Thus, they may come in other colours as well. For a better understanding of what colour bollards are offered, please contact the fencing provider chosen. For Diamond Fence’s selection, please contact our fencing team for more information.

REASON #3 – From indoors to outdoors

Access bollards are suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. If you are planning to install the bollards outdoors, note that they have integrated rain and sun shields for better protection from the environmental (weather) factors.

REASON #4 – A wide range of applications

Access bollards are used in many industries. For example, if you are driving to your local Coles, Woolworths or Kmart, you may occasionally use their parking spaces. Hence, notice that when opening the boom, you are getting your parking ticket from the access bollard. Some of the access bollards have a voice prompt, just in case there is an issue with an automatic boom.

Access bollards for automatic gates are used not only at commercial and industrial premises, but also residential homes. These system can be installed in front of your entry or exit paths, and they can even include power outlets if needed.

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