As a steel fencing owner, and after a significant investment into the fencing, most likely you would like your fencing to last for many decades to come. One way to ensure that is to use galvanized steel fencing.

This blog post will focus on galvanized steel fencing. Firstly, it will look into what galvanized steel is, how it benefits steel fencing, and lastly, what are some ways to keep steel fencing properly maintained.

Australian made galvanized steel fencing

What is galvanized steel?

Galvanized steel fences are made out of steel that has been galvanized.

Galvanizing means applying a protective zinc coating. The thickness of the coating determines the durability of the steel fencing. Below are different galvanizing processes used:

  1. Thermal spray
  2. Hot dip galvanizing
  3. Zinc rich paint
  4. Sherardizing
  5. In-line galvanizing
  6. Sheet galvanizing
  7. Electroplating

The most popular galvanizing method used in the fencing industry is the hot dip galvanizing process. It also finds a wide application in the construction industry.

Advantages of galvanized steel fencing

Galvanizing can provide several benefits to your steel fencing. 

  1. Life-span. Thanks to the zinc coating, steel fences are protected against rust and corrosion. This strong barrier will ensure that the life span of the fencing is increased compared to the steel fences that have not been galvanized.
  2. Trustworthiness. As the hot dip galvanizing process is carried out according to the Australian Standard AS 4678, you know that the outcome will be reliable. The thickness of the zinc coating is according to the standard and the performance of the galvanized steel can be predicted.
  3. Low-maintenance. Galvanized steel fences, especially if they have been powder coated, require minimal maintenance. Thus, decreasing the expenditure needed to maintain the fencing. 
  4. Sustainable fences. As zinc and steel are recyclable, galvanized fencing is environmentally friendly fencing.
  5. Cost. Hot dip galvanizing is affordable. Thus, in the long run, it is financially better choice compared to fencing styles that require the application of other protective coatings. For example, priming and painting.

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Maintenance tips for galvanized steel fences

  1. Keep your fence clean of dirt, debris and dust.
  2. Make sure that your galvanized steel fencing is not in contact with dissimilar metals such as brass and copper. Otherwise, galvanic corrosion can take place.
  3. If your fencing needs washing, which it should at least once every 6 months or so, avoid abrasive washing. It can wash away patina, a thin barrier film of insoluble zinc.  
  4. When washing your fencing, do it with soap, warm water and a soft cloth. You should use alkaline-based cleaners with a pH of 12 or lower. Most soaps have a pH within the range of 9-10.

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