DIY, meaning ‘do it yourself’, is gaining popularity for many reasons. People either want to challenge themselves by acquiring new skills using pre-existing knowledge and tutorials from YouTube or with the purpose to save money.

However, there are times DIY is not the best decision when it comes to the installation or repairs of commercial, industrial or residential fencing types.

In this blog post, we will focus on finding out whether fencing specialists are worth the money or whether you should disregard them and focus on DIY instead.

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Experience of the fencing specialists

Fencing specialists who have been around for many years, even decades, have completed many fencing projects, from small to large ones. Hence, they know what different jobs require, from timing to pricing, and everything else in between.

Thus, if you want your fencing project to be completed on time by someone who knows what they are doing, then fencing specialists are worth the investment.

If you have experience, then smaller fencing installation or repair jobs can be manageable. However, we do recommend using a fencing expert when it comes to bigger jobs. Why? For the reasons to follow.


DIY can initially be lucrative due to pricing, as fencing experts charge for the supply and installation. Yes, the labour will cost you money. However, the experience and expertise are worthwhile the investment if you want a top-quality work. The total investment needed will depend on the fencing provider and the scale of the fencing project. For Diamond Fence’s free fencing quotes, please contact our team.


Transportation of the materials needed for fencing and installation of the steel fence itself is not an easy job. Hence, it requires proper machinery and tools. These tools and machinery are expensive and, most likely, you will not purchase them just for your new fencing project.

That is where fencing specialists come in handy the most. They will come to your premises with the required machinery and tools, and they will get the job done.

Thus, you are not only paying for the expertise of the fencing specialists but also for all the tools and machinery they come with.

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DIY fencing projects can take a while to finish if you decide to do it by yourself. If you have the knowledge and time, you can do it yourself. However, if the project is on a larger scale and time is precious, you may want to turn to a fencing specialist.

They can provide you with an estimated time your fencing project will take. Fencing companies will typically assign several employees to your project (depending on how big the job is), which means more working hands that can finish the work on time (or faster).

Quality of the materials used

Using a trusted and experienced fencing specialist, you can be assured that the materials used for your fencing project are at the highest standard.

You can also look at the reviews or, at times, rely on word of mouth to find out how reliable the fencing provider is.


If you DIY, then it does not come with a warranty. Warranty may apply for the fencing supplies you purchased.

However, if you use fencing specialists, they do offer a warranty. The warranty may cover the fencing materials and the fencing work itself (includes replacement of any faulty parts). Note that the warranty depends from one fencing specialist to another.

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Summary: Are fencing specialists worth your money?

In most cases, yes, experienced fencing specialists are worth the money. The decision whether to hire them or not will depend on your personal expertise in fence installation, the existence of the required tools, and the budget that includes the buffer in case the DIY installation does not go as planned.

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