Choosing your Backyard fencing can be tricky if you do not know what fencing choices are on the market. Whether you are looking for security fencing, pool fencing or simply something that would suit the premises of your home from an aesthetic point of view, it can be overwhelming to arrive at a decision.

This blog post will focus on security, privacy and aesthetic backyard fencing options.

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Privacy backyard fencing

If privacy is the main element you are looking for, there are a few good fencing choices. A privacy fence is a solid barrier to prevents people from looking in while passing by. Whether you want privacy barriers around the whole house or maybe to just section out an area, you will be able to find something you like.

Some of the most popular choices are aluminium, bamboo and timber backyard private fencing materials. If you are looking for a very natural look, you can use plants, such as hedges, as your privacy barrier. They do require a lot more maintenance compared to the fencing types named below.

Aluminium backyard fences

Aluminium privacy screens are considered one of the ultimate privacy screens on the market due to their ability to enhance the looks of any outdoor façade while requiring almost no maintenance. Aluminium privacy screens do not crack, splinter or warp. Aluminium backyard privacy screens can be timber-imaged or powder coated to suit the surrounding areas.

Bamboo fencing

Bamboo backyard fencing is an environmentally friendly fencing choice on the market. Bamboo is a grass that hardens as it matures and takes only three years to grow fully. Hence, allowing harvesting on a much-much frequent basis compared to wood that takes up to 50 years to mature.

It is also affordable, approximately $60 per panel. Additionally, bamboo fences are versatile, flexible and aesthetically pleasing privacy fences.

Timber fencing

Timber privacy screens add warm and natural tones to your backyard. They look good and will provide your property with great appeal. They are also cost-effective, as timber is more affordable compared to metal.

Timber also needs much more maintenance compared to metal. However, if damaged, it is easier and cheaper to repair.

Security backyard fencing

Colorbond steel fencing

Colorbond steel fencing is well-suited for backyard security fencing. The main reason is that it has a hard-to-climb surface as there are no footholds. It is railless and made of thick steel that has been tested against harsh Australian weather conditions. It is one of the most durable security fencing alternatives on the market.

Tubular steel fencing

Tubular steel fencing is often used in industrial and commercial industries as this fencing style offers not only high-security aspects but also a wide range of colours. It is also suitable as a backyard fencing alternative.

Tubular steel fences can be complemented with various ornaments, such as spears, that make climbing over the fence a dangerous undertaking. Additionally, steel is a strong fencing material, making it difficult to break.

Welded mesh backyard fencing

Welded mesh fencing may not be the most aesthetically pleasing for your backyard. Yet, thanks to powder coating, it comes in various colours. If security is what you are looking for, that may be the fencing for you.

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Aesthetic backyard fencing

What makes your backyard fencing look good? Colour, ornaments, height, gates and any other additional features.

Most steel fences are either galvanized and/or powder coated. Powder coating protects the metal underneath from corrosion while making your fencing look good.

Most fencing specialists can custom-design the fencing for you. They can alter the height, and colour (as mentioned above), add various ornaments and install suitable gates (automatic or manual).

To make the backyard fencing truly yours, please contact our fencing team to see how we can help you.

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