There is no secret – choosing the right fencing style for your premises is not an easy task. There are many fencing alternatives available in the Melbourne fencing industry, and one of them is blade fencing.

If you have never heard of blade fencing before, do not worry. This fencing blog will focus on finding out what blade fencing is and what are some of the benefits of that fencing style.

What is blade fencing?

If you are familiar with tubular steel fencing, at first glance, blade fence can look similar. However, at a closer look, you can detect a few differences.

Blade fences have a few other names, such as batten and flat-bar fencing. They come in various materials, such as steel, aluminum and wood. You can choose whether you want slat bars to run vertically or horizontally.

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Why should you choose blade fencing?

Steel blade fences offer higher security. They are widely used in residential, industrial and commercial industries. Steel guarantees the strength and structural integrity of the blade fencing (when installed properly). It is a durable fencing alternative that with proper maintenance can last for decades.

If you are searching for a fencing style that looks modern, you should look no further than steel blade fences. You can choose the colour, height, blade widths, spacing and rail types to customise the fence just the way you want it. You can also customise the gate. Whether you want a manual or automatic steel blade gate, swinging or sliding gate – it is up to you!

As you are able to customise the spacing between each individual blade, you can choose whether you want more or less privacy when it comes to your steel fencing. Steel slats that are placed closer together will obviously offer more privacy compared to slats with more space between them.

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Other benefits of blade fence

As for most steel fencing styles, maintenance is quite straightforward. If fencing has been galvanized and powder coated, maintaining it is relatively easy. You do not need to paint it to protect it from corrosion as the two latter processes will do that. All you will need is to ensure that there is no debris and dirt on and around the fence as it creates an environment where moisture can strive. Also, you should give your fencing a gentle was at least twice a year.

If you find any damage parts of your fencing, try to fix it as fast as possible to avoid any further damage to your blade fencing.

In summary, blade fences offer security and privacy with a modern stylish finish covered with powder coating. You can customise the colour, blade heights and widths, the material used, blade spacing and the top profile (diagonal finish, flat finish or federation topper). Lastly, you can customise the railing profile of your fencing.

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