Industrial sites have plenty of onsite hazards, and industrial fencing is one of the ways to safeguard people from them. Additionally, industrial fences keep native fauna from entering the site. Industrial fencing is also a security measure for human intruders. High-security fencing can protect important and quite often expensive machinery and other industrial assets from getting damaged or/and stolen.

There are various industrial fencing alternatives on the market, including security gates, either manual or automatic. Below are some of the options offered by Diamond Fence. If you have another industrial fencing in mind, please contact our fencing team who will gladly answer your fencing enquiry.

Industrial fencing types


Diamond Fence offers industrial steel handrails. They are long-lasting, versatile and sturdy industrial support structures.

Some of the benefits that industrial handrails have are that they are highly durable. This means they are strong and suitable for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Steel handrails are also easy to maintain as all they need is a simple wipe-down. Most handrails are either galvanized and powder coated to offer them a protective layer from corrosion.

When it comes to the cost of handrails, they are affordable security measures. To get a quote from our fencing team, you can reach out via email.

security handrail

Chain wire mesh fencing

A chain wire mesh fencing is one of most popular industrial fencing options in Melbourne because of its affordability. Large industrial fencing projects use chain wire mesh for that reason. Furthermore, it offers protection from external factors. Made from high-quality steel, chain wire mesh fences are flexible in design and function. Additionally, they help to secure and enclose industrial site areas to safeguard people from surrounding hazards. Chain wire mesh is also used for onsite security enclosures/boxes.

Industrial Colorbond steel fencing

Industrial fencing is no stranger to Colorbond steel fencing. This fencing style is commonly used as a boundary fence for industrial properties. Colorbond steel, similar to chain wire mesh, is also used to create security enclosures. Colorbond is ideal for security fences due to its hard-to-climb surface, thick steel and rail-less solid finish.

Colorbond steel sheets are corrosion-resistant and come in several powder coat colours. Additionally, you can add lattice, exposed posts and capping.

Some benefits of Colorbond steel fencing include decades-long weather testing to ensure the high quality of the steel, bushfire testing, corrosion-resistance, hard-to-climb surface, termite proof, low maintenance and good looks, of course.

Automatic gates

Manual gates are suitable for small residential premises. However, industrial site owners prefer automatic gates due to their fast-paced functionality. Meaning, that they can be opened with a push of a button from a distance – a much greater convenience!

Automatic gates also provide enhanced security, privacy and optimised safety. With automatic gates, you can install a passcode or card reader that allows you to control who enters your property.

Welded mesh fencing

Welded mesh has been used in the industrial industry for many years. Some of the biggest projects in mining, water and gas, education facilities, power stations and high voltage facilities have used welded mesh fencing. There is a reason for that.

Welded mesh fencing is preferred for large-scale projects due to its security aspects. The thickness of a metal makes welded steel panels strong and durable. Additionally, the installation of welded mesh panels for fencing purposes is relatively easy, hence, more suitable for larger projects.

black tiered welded mesh fence Melbourne

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