Most fencing projects are on a budget. Hence, if you are looking for budget-friendly fencing in Melbourne, you have found a suitable fencing blog post for you. This fencing blog will focus on various budget-friendly fencing alternatives, as well as provide advice on how to reduce the pricing of your fencing.

Budget-friendly fencing options

Below are some of the budget-friendly fencing options in Melbourne.

Chain link fencing

Chain link fences are some of the most affordable fences. They are cheaper than timber fences due to the cost of the material (note that it can also fluctuate). Additionally, the installation is much quicker for chain wire fences than for timber fences, resulting in the labour cost reduction.

However, chain link fences can be made sturdier by adding some add-ons, such as PVC coating, galvanizing and fabric screens. These add-ons, in turn, can increase the cost of chain link fencing.

budget-friendly chain link fencing

Steel fencing

Steel fencing may not be the cheapest option, but there are options amongst steel fencing alternatives that are less expensive than others. Also, if you are willing to make sacrifices on some add-ons, such as steel ornaments or have a manual gate instead of an automatic one, you can save money on your fencing project. To find out available steel fencing options offered by Diamond Fence, please contact our fencing team.

budget friendly fencing melbourne

Timber fencing

Timber fencing, while not as sturdy as steel fencing, has been one of the most popular fencing choices amongst Melbourne residential house owners. If you maintain timber fencing properly, it can have a long-lasting lifespan and offer the classical looks many homeowners are seeking.

Vinyl fencing

Vinyl fences consist of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), making them durable fences that withstand various weather conditions, such as rainfall and wind. They come in various colours and designs and are easily maintained as they don’t need painting or oiling as timber fences do. They will also not rot, blister, grow fungus or crack. Additionally, you do not have to worry about termites.

Composite fencing

Composite fencing is made of a mixture of recycled plastic and wood. The initial cost of composite fencing may be higher than timber fencing, however, in the long run, it will work out to be financially cheaper due to its low-maintenance properties.

Due to the plastic component of the composite fencing, it does not rot, is water-resistant and termite-proof. On top of it all, it is an environment-friendly fencing type as it uses recycled materials.

Aluminium fencing

Typically, aluminium fencing is cheaper than iron and vinyl fences. Depending on the size of the fencing project and the add-ons added to the fencing, the cost will vary. While aluminium is cheaper than many types of wood, you will need to compare it against the specific kinds of wood. The price can also vary from one fencing provider to another.

How to reduce the price of your fencing

At times, you may be able to save money when installing a new fence.

While keeping in mind the height restrictions in your area, you may consider installing a lower fence instead. Reducing the height of your fence can also reduce the price of the whole fencing project.

Choosing the lower-costing fencing material will make your fencing project cheaper. However, if you are on a budget, the recommendation would be place the fencing requirements and the budget side-by-side and then contact a fencing provider who should be able to offer a solution that can satisfy both. Furthermore, hiring an experienced fencing contractor can save you money on future expenses relating to fencing repairs if the fencing was not installed correctly.

Another tip would be to look for the discounts available or adjust the timing of the installation of your budget-friendly fencing, as some fencing specialists offer discounts on off-season fencing projects.

Lastly, when putting together a budger for your fencing, leave room for unexpected costs. It will give you a bit of flexibility with your project. You may not use that money, however, it is better to have it in the budget as a safety.

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