At first glance, chain wire fencing may look quite similar to expanded metal fencing. However, even if both belong to mesh fencing, they are different. In this blog post, we will focus on the benefits and differences of expanded metal fencing and chain wire fencing.

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Benefits of chain wire fencing

Chain wire fencing is a popular fencing alternative in Melbourne for many reasons.

Firstly, it is the price. Chain wire fencing is affordable compared to other metal fencing types. Being the least expensive, including installation costs, it is a choice for many industrial premises.

Additionally, it comes in many different sizes. Having the variety, starting from the diamond mesh size and finishing with the desired height, chain wire fencing is a good choice. Moreover, it comes in various colours and coatings (PVC or galvanized).

Chain wire fencing is also low-maintenance. It needs a clean once or twice a year from the dirt and debris that gathered over time and to check on rust or any other damage.

Benefits of expanded metal fencing

Expanded metal fence is not as cheap as chain wire fence. However, it is still a cost-effective fencing option compared to some other metal fencing types.

Its production process creates no waste. Hence, making this an environmentally friendly fencing option.

Additionally, you can tailor expanded metal fence according to your needs. For example, you can choose desired pattern, size and colour.

It is also a strong and durable fencing alternative if high security is needed.

chain wire fencing vs expand metal fencing

Comparing expanded metal fencing to chain wire fencing

When we compare the strength of chain wire fences to expanded metal fences, the latter would come out as a winner. Expanded metal fencing is stronger than chain wire fencing. The reason is that expanded metal fencing material is made from solid sheets of carbon, galvanized and stainless steel. You can also come across expanded metal fencing that is made of aluminium. Expanded metal sheets vary in the thickness of the metal sheets. Hence, the thicker the sheet, the stronger the fence.

Chain wire fencing is also very strong and resilient. Made from galvanized steel, it can also be coated in PVC or galvanized for extra protection. However, with proper tools, it is easier to damage/break chain wire fencing compared to expanded metal fencing. Once you cut chain wire fencing with bolt cutters, the chain wire mesh will start to unravel. That does not happen to expanded metal fencing.

Furthermore, it is much more difficult to climb expanded metal fences as there is no toehold to climb. For chain wire fencing, the opening size of the diamonds will determine how easy or difficult it is to climb over the fence. The smaller the mesh, the harder it is, and vice versa.

chain wire compared to expanded metal

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