Residential fencing is one of the important factors affecting the value of your residential home. However, while aesthetic look can influence the market value of your premises, it can become secondary when compared to the security aspect that domestic fences offer.

Every homeowner wants to feel secure in their home and installing a fence can keep the intruders away from your home, keeping everyone in it safe.

The following blog post will focus on some factors to consider when choosing residential fences, including the best fencing choices available. Furthermore, we will quickly take a look at some of the residential fencing laws in Victoria that you should know.

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What to consider when choosing residential fencing?

We will list four things to consider when choosing your residential fencing.

The privacy aspect of the fence is essential to consider when choosing a fence for your home. For example, if it is not high on your list, you can choose a fence with bigger spaces between the pickets. Fencing, such as tubular steel fencing, allows passing individuals to see into your yard more easily compared to Colorbond steel fencing.

If security is the main reason for getting the fence, especially high-security, you should turn to steel fencing. It is much stronger and will last you longer compared to timber fences.

If you are time-poor due to your lifestyle and are looking for a fencing type that requires lower maintenance, then there are various residential fencing options available. For example, Modwood, Colorbond and aluminium fences.

What is your budget? That is an important question as it can determine your fencing choice. To find out Diamond Fence’s pricing, please contact our fencing team.

Some of the residential fencing options available are:

  1. Tubular steel fencing 
  2. Colorbond steel fencing
  3. Modwood fencing
  4. Aluminium fencing
  5. Welded mesh fencing
  6. Chain wire fencing (including PVC coated chain wire)
  7. Mix and mash different fencing styles
  8. Automatic and manual gates

If you have a different idea for your domestic fencing, please contact our team to see how we can help.

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Residential fencing laws in Victoria

As a homeowner, you may have neighbours you share a fence with. Hence, it would be good to know the below.

If you want to build a new dividing fence or think that existing fence needs repair work, you can informally talk to your neighbour about it. If the neighbour agrees, you may not need to follow the processes in the Fences Act. However, if the neighbour does not agree, you cannot go ahead with the installation of a new fence or the repair works unless you either have your neighbour’s agreement or follow the processes in the Fences Act. To find out more, please visit Victoria State Government’s Justice and Community Safety webpage.

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