Has welded mesh fencing been on your radar lately? If yes, then following blog post may be just for you. Or maybe you are planning an installation of a fence but have not decided on the fencing type yet. Again, this post may be helpful to you. It will shine some light on welded mesh fences, their benefits and maintenance.

Making welded mesh fencing

Welded mesh fencing is a high-security fencing preferred by many businesses and homeowners. Welded mesh panels used in fencing usually come either with rectangular or square spaces that have been created by laying wires in a horizontal and vertical latticework. Then the wire intersections are spot-welded. The design may be simple, yet very sturdy!

Compared to woven mesh fencing, welded mesh uses thicker metal wires that make mesh panels more rigid and give them stability. As wires are welded together, they do not unravel when cut.

Welded Mesh Panels For Welded Mesh Fencing

Benefits of welded mesh fences

1. High security

As mentioned above, welded mesh fences are very durable. Most mesh panels, depending on the design, do not have large gaps. Hence, making it much harder for intruders to climb over the fence.

Additionally, most welded mesh panels are galvanized. Hence, they are protected from corrosion. Also, welded mesh fencing will not break or crack in extreme weather elements, making it a fencing choice for many.

2. Installation is relatively easy

Compared to some other fencing styles, for example, chain link fencing, welded mesh fences are quite easy to install. It is not as time-consuming as you are installing fencing panels instead of tightening the chain link mesh.

3. Looking good!

Welded mesh fences are not only strong but also visually appealing. Hence, they are suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial areas. Furthermore, powder coating allows you to choose the colour of your liking. Black and green welded mesh panels are popular as they blend into the surrounding environment.

4. Custom design

You can choose the colour, as mentioned, but also the height of your fence. Additionally, you may be able to choose the spacing/grid size of the panels. Please contact your fencing provider for more information. For Diamond Fence’s services, please contact our team via phone, email, or online enquiry form.

Maintenance of welded mesh

1. Repair works

Give your fence an occasional checkup. If you detect any damages, most times, it is cheaper to fix the fault right away. Hence, assisting with its durability as well as longevity.

If you do not have any suitable tools and materials required for repairing the damage, you can turn to us. Diamond Fence also offers fencing and gates repair services.

2. Control the plants

Plants are commonly used to cover areas behind the fence, especially fast-growing climbing plants, as they are very adaptable. However, when it comes to fencing, you need to be careful as they can damage the fence. They may create an environment suitable for moisture. Hence, creating an environment for corrosion to take place. Thus, avoid growing plants against the fence.

3. Rust

Fences in a humid or rainy environment are more prone to rusting. Therefore, once rust is detected, you should aim to fix it as soon as possible as it can spread.

4. Clean, clean, clean

Yes, we mentioned ‘clean’ three times. It is common that after installing the fence, it is left to stand as it is for years and years to come. However, if you want to prolong the life span of your fencing, aim to clean it at least a couple of times a year. Give it a wash with some soapy water and then rinse with a hose to make it look like new.

black tiered welded mesh fence Melbourne

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