Woven mesh fencing is one of the fencing types commonly found on farms as farm fencing, orchard fencing and fencing for horse paddocks, but also in residential and industrial areas as garden fencing and boundary fencing.

In the below discussion, we will focus on what woven mesh fencing is, the benefits of this fencing type, as well as how to maintain woven mesh fences to make them last longer.

What is woven mesh fencing?

Woven mesh fencing, as the name says it, is made out of woven mesh. What is woven mesh, however? Good question! A woven mesh is made of a wire. Hence, you may come across the name ‘woven wire fencing’ that is predominantly made of stainless steel wires. These wires are interlocked together during the manufacturing process. This interlocking allows to form a specific design on a sheet of mesh with various openings.

Thanks to being made of stainless steel, woven mesh is resistant to corrosion and very durable. However, a woven mesh can also come in other materials, such as mild steel, brass, phosphor bronze, copper, aluminium and nylon. For fencing purposes, woven mesh made of stainless steel is preferred.

When it comes to customising woven mesh fencing, you can choose the diameter of the wire. For example, mesh with a 1.6 mm wire diameter or with a 0.025 mm wire diameter. Contact your fencing provider to find out what kind of woven mesh they offer for fencing purposes in Melbourne.

Secondly, you can choose the type of weave you want your woven mesh fencing to have. The choice includes plain weave woven mesh, twilled weave woven mesh, plain dutch woven mesh, reverse dutch weave, twilled dutch weave or multiplex weave. If these names are unknown, please, once again, contact your fencing provider to find out whether any of the above would suit your premises.

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Benefits of woven mesh fences

1. Durability

Stainless steel is a durable material, hence, making the woven mesh fences a durable and robust fencing alternative. Thus, as mentioned above, using them on farms and for horse paddocks is a suitable fencing choice. Furthermore, it will withstand various weather conditions, such as rain and wind.

2. Security. 

Thanks to being durable, it is also a secure fencing type. Depending on the weave type, it may be hard for intruders to climb over the fence as there is not much to grab onto.

3. Relatively easy installation.

Compared to other fencing types, woven mesh fences are easy to install. Thus, making it a good choice when you are time-poor and need to get the fencing up in a short time.

Maintenance of woven mesh fencing

To properly maintain woven mesh fences, make sure you remove the vines as they can reduce the effectiveness of the fence. Also, quite often, the base of the woven mesh fence will collect some debris. If any has been spotted, it should be removed as, in the long run, it will affect the stability of the fencing posts, thus, the stability of the whole fencing structure.

Furthermore, the tightness of the fencing should be checked regularly. It cannot be too loose nor too tight. If loose or too tight fencing has been spotted, contact a suitable fencing provider who will help you fix it.

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