Being an artist of your own backyard and front yard fencing is an exciting fencing project. Thus, knowing the difference between the Colorbond and Permasteel fencing can help you out in choosing the right fencing option that will suit your premises the best.

In the below blog post, we will focus on the Colorbond and Permasteel fencing difference, but also some of the benefits of the latter fencing types.

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Colorbond and Permasteel fencing

Colorbond fencing is made out of COLORBOND® steel, which is made from a durable ZINCALUME® core. It has a corrosion inhibitor that has been baked-on and then sealed with a tough painted finish. A baked-on exterior grade paint provides further resistance to chipping, flaking and blistering. 

Permasteel fencing is produced by PermaSteel. It is an Australian manufacturer. This fencing type has a modern slimline post and rail profile. It comes with a specially designed sheet design giving it a great appearance from both sides. Meaning your neighbour is going to be happy once you’ve installed the fence because it will look as good on their side as it would on yours.

Benefits of Colorbond and Permasteel fences

Colorbond fencing:

  1. Colorbond fences are durable as they have been tested against extreme weather conditions in Australia.
  2. Colorbond steel is rust-proof and will not be affected by termites.
  3. Colorbond steel fencing comes with a warranty. The BlueScope Warranty Page (linked) will help you to determine the warranty available. Please note that every fencing specialist has their personal warranty for the installation services. For more information about Diamond Fence’s installation warranty, please contact our fencing team.
  4. Offers a wide variety of colour options.
  5. Are secure as they do not have any gaps, thus, do not have a foothold for unwanted trespassers to climb over.
  6. Are recyclable, making it an environment-friendly fencing option.

Permasteel fencing:

  1. Provides a great privacy barrier.
  2. Permasteel fencing does any gaps, just as Colorbond steel fencing. Thus, making it more difficult for intruders to climb over the fence.
  3. Low-maintenance fencing. Just give it a biannual wash down with a hose, make sure no debris has gathered at the bottom of the fence, and you should keep it as good as new for a long time.
  4. Comes with a 10 Year warranty that covers all posts, rails and infill sheets.

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