If you have been planning to design your own metal fence, this blog post might be helpful. Even if you have not, keep reading to find out how to design a unique metal fencing.

This blog post will focus on six aspects to consider when designing a metal fences that will stand out and fit the purpose.

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Choosing the material of your metal fence

Typically, you would start by choosing the material of your metal fence. It is important because the material will determine the strength, functionality and cost of fencing. If you are on a budget, you may turn to cheaper fencing alternatives. If financial circumstances allow, you can choose a more costly fencing option with add-ons for extra security.

Diamond Fence suggests galvanized steel fencing alternatives as they are some of the sturdiest fencing options. Galvanizing provides an extra layer of protection from corrosion. 

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Choosing the style of the metal fencing

Typically, there are two main styles: modern or classical heritage look. If you choose a modern look, you can turn to tubular steel or Colorbond fences. If you want your metal fencing to have that authentic classic picket fence look, you may choose to install aluminium slat fencing. It will look like timber but will require minimal maintenance compared to timber fences.

You can also determine the style of the pedestrian and driveway gates you would like to install. A few decisions needed to be made will include:

  1. Sliding or swinging gates?
  2. Automatic or manual gates?
  3. Any additional security add-ons or not?
  4. Ornaments or not?

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Determining the measurements of your metal fence

The dimensions of your fencing, height and size, will be determined by many factors. Firstly, what is the actual area that needs the fencing? Furthermore, how important is the privacy aspect? Do you need fencing that is as high as possible and at the same time within the council height limitations? Additionally, is it for the safety of others? For example, pool fencing or keeping the wildlife out of your property. 

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Determining the price range

Your budget and the magnitude of your metal fencing project will determine what kind of fencing, gates and add-ons you will end up installing.

Some fencing types are cheaper than others. For example, chain link fencing is suitable for larger industrial projects. Tubular steel fences with additional ornaments can be more costly but still affordable for smaller residential premises.

Automatic gates are more expensive and, of course, any add-ons can also bring the price up.

Choosing the suitable add-ons

As mentioned above, add-ons can increase the price of your fencing. However, they can also raise the market value of your home. 

Examples of add-ons are:

  1. Gates
  2. Ornaments
  3. Extra security features (discussed below)
  4. Fences extensions

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Adding extra security attributes

If you would like to make your fencing more secure, you can add various security features.

  1. Razor or barbed wire
  2. Fence extensions 
  3. Steel ornaments for extra security, such as metal spikes.  

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