Ornamental fencing is a fencing type with a character. Typically made out of metal instead of wood or vinyl, these fences have beauty and the functionality of a classical fence. They blend into the view of the surrounding landscape while still acting as security fencing for your premises.

In the below discussion, we will focus on different styles of ornamental fences, some of the benefits of decorative fencing and what ornaments are available for fencing.

Ornamental fencing styles

Ornamental fencing, also known as decorative fencing, comes in various materials. One of the most popular ones is an ornamental cast iron fence. However, aluminium fences are becoming more popular due to their favourable qualities such as corrosion resistance and lightweight. Both materials can be used to create a simple picket layout with clean horizontal and vertical lines. However, simple patterns can be turned into more complex ones and be decorated with various ornaments.

Aluminum and iron decorative fences are not the only decorative fences available. Ornamental wood fences and vinyl fences are also there as a fencing option. Wooden picket fences can be decorated with decorative picket profiles with varying heights, and vinyl fences can mimic the looks of a wooden or metal fence.

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Benefits of ornamental fencing

Ornamental fencing has many benefits. Starting with the way it looks. Your chosen design will show the character of your premises. It can be classical, simple or absolutely over the top, just the way you want it. Customised options are available at Diamond Fence. For more information, please contact our fencing team. Remember, having the freedom to match the fence with the surroundings of your property can also improve the market value of your home.

Its appearance comes with an element of security. Thus, ornamental fencing is just like any other fencing type. It will get the job done! Furthermore, adding an automatic security gate will allow one to have comfort with a security factor.

Additional benefits will depend on the material chosen for the ornamental fencing. Aluminium fencing, for instance, does not rust and is lightweight, just as mentioned previously. Hence, making it easier to transport the fencing material during the installation process and maintain the fence after it has been installed. Additionally, aluminium fencing is recyclable, making it easier to dispose of the fence once you are ready for a change.

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Ornament options

Some of the gate and fence ornaments on offer are:

  1. Metal spikes
  2. Metal knobs/latches
  3. Metal scrolls
  4. Metal rosettes
  5. Metal pickets
  6. Various metal leaves, flowers and other pressings
  7. Rings
  8. Twisted tubes
  9. Hemispheres (half balls)
  10. Candleholders
  11. Solid or hollow spheres (round balls)

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