Have you ever wondered about eco-friendly fencing options? Then this blog post is right for you. It will focus on some of the eco-friendly fencing options available in Melbourne.

Essentially, eco-friendly means having no or little damaging effect on the environment. Thus, eco-friendly events, services and products (such as some fencing types) have minimal (or no) harm on the Earth.

Eco-friendly does not only include the material used to make the product (fence, in our case) but also the process used to make and deliver it.

Timber fencing

Not all timber fences are eco-friendly, as cutting down forests to achieve that classical white picket fence look is not eco-friendly whatsoever. However, fencing made out of plantation-grown timber is considered eco-friendly. Such fences include pine timber fences.

Composite eco-friendly fencing

Firstly, let’s cover what composite materials are. When two or more materials with different properties are combined, they form a composite material. The simplest example would be concrete.

There are also biocomposite materials. These materials are either partially or wholly made up of organic materials. They also include recycled materials, and some manufacturers use renewable resources in their manufacturing processes.

One of the popular eco-friendly fencing choices made out of composite material is Modwood fencing. Modwood material is made from recycled milk containers and non-virgin pine products.

Modwood material is not only used for fencing but also decking and is preferred in ecologically sensitive areas due to being non-toxic. Meaning, they do not contain any chemicals that could leach out.

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Using plants as eco-friendly fencing

Sometimes, plants can act as the best fencing line. They may not be the most secure, but they will provide the privacy.

Trees and hedges will be the green fence that will make your home look stunning. However, be aware that green fences do require constant maintenance. Filtering out carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is also a huge bonus!

Recycled fencing

Fencing materials can be recycled or are made of recycled materials. That makes them an eco-friendly choice. For example, Colorbond steel fencing.

Colorbond steel fencing

Colorbond is one of the most sought-after fencing choices due to its security and privacy aspect. This fencing choice is also eco-friendly, as all Colorbond steel contains recycled content. Furthermore, Colorbond steel is 100% recyclable.

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