If you have ever wondered what the difference between chain wire fencing and expanded metal fencing is, this may be the right post for you. These fencing types are both popular in Melbourne and may look similar, yet their characteristics are quite different.

In the below discussion, we will focus on what chain wire fencing and expanded metal fencing are and, of course, the difference between them.

What is chain wire fencing?

Chain wire fencing has many different names, such as chain link fencing, diamond mesh fencing and cyclone fencing, amongst many. This fencing type has defined characteristics that make it one of most popular fencing choices in Melbourne.

The material of the chain wire fencing is usually stainless steel as it makes it more durable and resistant to various environmental factors such as rain and snow (depending on your location).

You may also come across some chain wire fences that are made of aluminium. These fences are not as strong as stainless steel chain wire mesh fences, but they do require less maintenance.

Different chain wire mesh has a different gauge that will determine how strong your chain wire fence will be. A gauge is a measure of the thickness of the wire. Hence, in general, the thicker the wire, the stronger the fencing will be.

Chain wire mesh comes in different grid sizes, also known as the diamond size. Smaller grid size means it is more secure and can be seen in prisons, for example. Mid-sized mesh is commonly seen at recreational sporting centres and large mesh in residential areas.

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What is expanded metal fencing?

Expanded metal fencing is made out of expanded metal sheets. These metal sheets have been cut and stretched to form a regular pattern of a metal mesh-like material. These patterns vary. However, one of the most popular patterns is diamond-shaped pattern that looks like chain wire mesh.

During the process, the metal is flattened to be cut. However, it is never completely cut. Thus, it stays connected the whole time, making it more sturdy.

Some other shapes cut into the metal are circles and squares. Diamond shapes are preferred, however, due to their ability to absorb energy and resist mechanical deformation after installation. Additionally, the size of the cut (pattern) can be modified, alongside with the angles of the shapes.

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The difference between chain wire fencing and expanded metal fencing


Due to the manufacturing process, expanded metal sheets are much stronger than the chain wire mesh. Thus, making expanded metal fencing a stronger and sturdier fencing option in Melbourne. 

Chain wire fencing is also strong and resilient thanks to being galvanized and/or plastic coated. However, it is much easier to damage chain wire mesh than it would be expanded metal sheets.


Both provide high security. However, as mentioned, it is easier to break chain wire mesh with proper tools than expanded metal sheets. Additionally, depending on the cut/pattern size of the expanded metal sheet, it is typically much harder to climb over as the pattern does not allow you to grab onto or have a place to set your foot on when trying to trespass.


Expanded metal fencing can provide higher privacy due to the possibility to have different angles of the diamond-shaped pattern alongside a smaller diamond size (altering what will be visible to the viewer).


Chain wire fencing is a cheaper alternative compared to expanded metal fencing. Hence, it may be a little more budget-friendly, which may play a significant role if you have a large fencing project.


Both fencing styles can look similar. Hence, it will come down to an individual taste and preference.

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