Some trends are short-lived, and some are here to stay by becoming classic. The same applies to the fencing world fencing trends.

There are fencing styles that came and stayed and have become the most popular choices amongst families and businesses in Victoria.

This fencing blog will focus on the four fencing trends that have been favoured for many years in Melbourne and seem to stay for many more years.

Colorbond steel fencing


COLORBOND® fencing is made of high-grade steel that has been tested to fit Australian weather conditions. Thanks to the manufacturing process, Colorbond steel does not rot, rust or peel. It is also termite-resistant, making it a low-maintenance fencing option. Furthermore, Colorbond steel suits areas prone to bushfires as this fencing style is fire-resistant.


Colorbond steel fencing offers you a variety and liberty to choose from 14 colours and three sheet profiles – MINISCREEN®, METLINE® or TRIMCLAD. You can mix and match this fencing style with other fencing alternatives to make it unique.

Colorbond steel is suitable not only for steel fencing but also for steel enclosures to provide a safety barrier to what needs protecting/guarding.


Colorbonds steel fencing does not have any vertical gaps, footholds, or even loose palings. Therefore, this fencing style not only looks good but is also safe. No wonder this fencing style is part of the fencing trends in Melbourne.

grey colorbond fence Melbourne

Modwood fencing


This fencing style is part of the fencing trend due to being a better alternative from an environmental standpoint. It is mainly made of recycled products, including plastics and wood flour. Hence, reducing the demand for virgin materials. Furthermore, the Modwood manufacturer uses home-grown technology in additives, which are tested in Australian laboratories to ensure a safe and durable product.


Modwood fencing has a high degree of UV stability and resistance to extreme weather, moisture and termites. All this makes this fencing style low-maintenance fencing.


Modwood is not only used for fencing but also for decking. There are more options available. For example, security enclosures.


No more words are needed to back this statement. Modwood fencing is simply aesthetically pleasing.

Modwood fencing in Melbourne

Aluminium slat fencing


Aluminium slat fencing can look like natural timber (if the colour is chosen suitably), however, without all the maintenance issues that come with natural timber fences.


Aluminium fences can be recycled. Thus, if you feel it is time to install a new fence and get rid of your old aluminum fence, know that this fencing material can be recycled. Therefore, making it an environment-friendly fencing choice.


Aluminum slat fences, and aluminum fences overall, are very versatile and will last you a long time. It is due to one of the best qualities of aluminium: it does not rust!

melbourne aluminium slat fencing

Tubular steel fencing


Tubular steel fences are a good option for security fences. They are long-lasting as they are made of a strong material.


Adding a layer of powder coating will protect tubular steel fencing from corrosion while allowing you to choose a suitable colour for your premises.


You can add various fencing ornaments to your tubular steel fencing, making it unique.

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