Welded mesh fencing can be found all across various suburbs in Melbourne. It finds a wide range of applications in residential areas, commercial and industrial sites.

This blog post will focus on finding out what welded mesh is and what some of the benefits of welded mesh fencing are. Additionally, if you own a welded mesh fence, this blog post can help you understand how to maintain the fencing for a longer life span.

black tiered welded mesh fence Melbourne

What is welded mesh?

Welded mesh, or welded wire mesh, is made by welding together a series of longitudinal wires with an accurate spacing to create a grid with desired spacing. This welded mesh is then placed between the metal frame to create panels that are then used for welded mesh fencing.

Benefits of welded mesh fencing


The process of making welded mesh panels ensures the maximum strength and durability. The wires are welded together and then attached to the frame creating sturdy panels that are not easy to break. A durable steel wire used to construct welded mesh ensures the versatility of the welded mesh fencing, making sure that the steel fences would last for many decades. With a proper care and maintenance, of course.


As welded mesh fences are strong and versatile, they are good to use as high-security fences. Especially in industrial areas. The measurements of your fencing can also be customised to fit the fencing requirements, while taking into account any height restrictions by a local council.


Welded mesh fences, either permanent or temporary fencing, are made out of mesh panels. Hence, making it is easier to transport and install them. In turn, turning the whole installation process into a quicker one.

If you are dealing with a temporary fence, panels can be forklifted onto a truck and transported to the required location efficiently.


Welded mesh fences require minimal maintenance. Further below, you can find a few tips on how to keep your fence maintained properly.


What does weather-friendly mean? If your fence is located in a windy area, for example, a coastal area, then constant strong winds can damage the fencing. However, welded mesh fences do not have to problem. The wind can blow through the welded mesh panels without affecting the stability of the fencing.

black welded mesh fence Melbourne

Maintenance of welded mesh fences

  1. The first suggestion would be to keep your fence as dry as possible. It does not mean that you will suddenly have to worry about the rain and other weather factors. However, regardless if your welded mesh fencing has been galvanized or powder coated for protection from corrosion, you should still limit the amount of moisture your fence is exposed to. That means preventing wetness by limiting spraying your welded mesh fencing with a hose or sprinklers as much as possible.
  2. Accumulated dirt and debris can also create a perfect environment for moisture. Hence, allowing for corrosion to take place. Hence, you should try to eliminate the dirt and debris around your fence. A biannual check-up can help to determine whether the fencing needs a clean-up or not.
  3. Checking your fence for wear and tear a few times a year can also go a long way. Detecting the damage as early as possible can save you money in the long run. Note that you should try to eliminate the damage soonest.
  4. If your fence doesn’t have any wear and tear, it’s clean from debris, then the only thing left is to wash it a couple of times a year. All you need is warm water, soap and a hose to rinse it off.

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