A five-star ranking is widely used in many industries, especially in hospitality. For example, reviewers rank restaurants and hotels based on the service they provide. The highest rating is five stars and the lowest is one star.

This blog post will give its own five-star rating to one of the metal fencing types in the Melbourne fencing industry. Rating will is based on many factors, including the strength of the material, durability and price, amongst many.

And the winner is…tubular steel fencing

Tubular steel fencing gets a five-star rating from Diamond Fence. Below are some of the reasons.

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Tubular steel fencing finds various applications not only as residential fencing but also as industrial and commercial fencing. Depending on what additional features you are adding to your fencing, you can make it look just the way you want to make sure it will fit into the environment perfectly.


Different metal fencing types can provide various ways to keep your premises secure. For example, keeping the intruders away. Additionally, some metal fencing types can provide adequate privacy, noise-cancelling properties, act as a windshield, or keep animals (including stray animals) away.

Tubular steel fencing may not provide the protection from the wind or noise, however, being made out of steel, it is sturdy enough to keep the animals and intruders away.


You can choose the colour of your metal fencing. Powder coating allows you to do exactly that.

Measurements (size) of your metal fencing type will depend on the requirements of your fencing project. Most fencing specialists can cater to the exact needs. However, you have to be aware that there might be some height restrictions in place by your local council.

Tubes come in various forms. Depending on the fencing provider, you can choose rectangular, square or round steel tubing.

For unique character, you can add various metal ornaments to your tubular steel fencing. For example, metal spikes, knobs, latches, and even different metal rings or twisted tubes.


The pricing of different metal fencing types will depend on the fencing provider. The price of tubular steel fencing may not be the cheapest on the market, however, the benefits it offers are worth the investment in the long run.

The price of your fencing will also depend on any extras you want to add. For example, metal ornaments or gates (manual or automatic steel gates).

If you are interested in the pricing of tubular steel fencing, contact our fencing team today. Our friendly team will provide you with free fencing quotes.


Tubular steel fences are galvanized before they are powder coated. The powder coating allows you to choose the colour of your fencing, and provides extra protection from corrosion, just like galvanizing beforehand. Powder coating acts as a layer between the metal and external factors such as sunlight, rain and wind. This coating will not chip or fade, and it is resistant to scratching and wear and tear.


As tubular steel fencing is made out of sturdy steel, galvanized and powder coated for extra protection, it does not need painting or oiling as timber fencing does. As mentioned above, powder coating will not chip or fade and it is resistant to scratching, and wear and tear. Hence, the only maintenance you will need to provide to your metal fencing is making sure that you give it a decent wash with soap and warm water twice a year (more often if the fence is located near the coast). Just clean up any debris that has piled up over time to ensure no moisture will accumulate near your fence.

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