When the moment arrives to enhance your aging fencing, many residential fencing styles await your consideration. Navigating them can be challenging, leaving you unsure whether the possible choice made will be the best one.

This fencing post is dedicated to shedding light on the world of classic and modern residential fencing styles in Melbourne. Our aim is to equip you with valuable insights that empower you to make a decision that will bring lasting satisfaction for years to come. Whether you lean towards the timeless appeal of classic designs or are captivated by the sleek lines of modern aesthetics, we are here to guide you toward the fencing choice that aligns with your vision.

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Classic fencing styles in Melbourne

  1. Picket Fencing: A classic look – picket fences feature evenly spaced vertical pickets. You can choose between charming pointed or rounded tops. This residential fencing style has a sense of warmth and nostalgia.
  2. Wrought Iron Fencing: An elegant and timeless residential fencing style. Wrought iron fences showcase intricate designs and decorative elements and are often associated with historic residences.
  3. Post and Rail Fencing: A traditional choice, post and rail fences (also known as split rail fencing) consist of horizontally placed wooden rails supported by posts. This style has a country and farmhouse feeling to it.
  4. Lattice Fencing: Lattice panels feature crisscrossed patterns that are often made from wood or vinyl.
  5. Brick Fencing: A classic fencing style that is durable and offers a timeless look that blends well with many architectural styles. You can have brick fencing alone or combine it with other fencing styles.
  6. Masonry Fencing with Columns: You can incorporate stone, brick, or concrete columns between steel fence sections to give your fence a classic appearance.
  7. Stone Fencing: Similar to brick fencing, stone fences provide a sense of permanence.

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Modern fencing styles in Melbourne

  1. Horizontal Slat Fencing:  A fencing style with clean lines and horizontal slats usually creates a contemporary look. This style provides privacy and has an open feel. Thus, making it a popular choice for homes with modern architecture.
  2. Metal Panel Fencing: Modern industrial aesthetics offered by steel or aluminium panels with sleek designs that can be customised with patterns or laser-cut designs.
  3. Glass Panel Fencing: Glass panel fencing is often used around pool areas or to enclose balconies. It is a perfect fencing solution as it provides an unobstructed view while maintaining an elegant appearance. 
  4. Composite or PVC Fencing: For example, Modwood fencing is a popular composite fencing alternative as it is made out of a material that mimics the appearance of wood while requiring minimal maintenance. 
  5. Corten Steel Fencing: If you are after a rustic yet modern look, Corten steel fences are your go-to. They develop a unique patina over time, adding texture to the fencing.
  6. Modular Concrete Fencing: An industrial look that comes with privacy. Precast concrete panels in modern patterns are stacked or combined creatively to create unique designs. They are popular amongst families who are seeking the highest privacy fencing solution.
  7. Wire Mesh Fencing: Open style and with a more industrial look, this fencing style is a modern and functional boundary.

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