If you have ever wanted to add something unique to your premises, then laser-cut gates may be it. Laser-cut gates are the type of gates that can be tailor-made to suit your requirements, be it the size, colour or pattern (laser-cuts).

In this blog post, we will focus on the process of making laser-cut steel gates, some of the benefits of these types of gates, and how to ensure that laser-cut steel gates will last a long time by using the proper maintenance.

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The process of making laser-cut gates

The typical laser-cut process involves several steps. The first one is to choose the material for your laser-cut gate. The usual choices include steel, brass and aluminium. Your choice will depend on the strength, cost and weight of the gate required.

Once you have chosen the suitable material for your gates, it is time for cutting and shaping that allow the creation of a custom-made solution. The laser allows creating intricate designs that are precise to the millimetre.

However, before cutting can take place, a desired design has to be created. Then turned into a digital file read by the CNC machine.

Once the desired pieces have been cut by the CNC machine, they will be assembled and welded together according to the created design. An outcome is a beautiful and long-lasting gate design.

The last step of the process includes ensuring that the rough edges, an outcome of the laser-cutting, are eliminated.

Once the framework is welded together, the only thing left is to apply powder coating and spray paint that will give it the colour you want and give it an additional layer of protection from corrosion.

The pros and cons of different laser-cut steel gates

Laser-cut steel gates:

Strong and have a high level of corrosion resistance. Cons: they are quite heavy.

Laser-cut aluminium gates:

A lighter gate type. Not as strong as steel, yet provides enough security.

Laser-cut brass gates:

Suitable for decorative purposes. While they have good corrosion resistance, they are not as durable as the previous two gate types.

Other benefits:

  1. They are unique.
  2. They are stronger than your traditional gates.
  3. With proper maintenance, they will not rust. Powder coating adds an extra layer of protection against corrosion.

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Maintenance of laser-cut gates

The maintenance of laser-cut gates will depend on the material of your gates. Usually, it is a biannual check-up to detect any damage and fix it as soon as possible. If no damage has been detected, all is left is to clean the dirt with soapy warm water.

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