Child-proof fencing, either an existing one or the one you are planning to install, is on the agenda if you have small children. In this blog post, we will focus on some practical ways to ensure your fence is safe for your children.

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Child-proof fencing checklist

If you have toddlers in the house, you should go through the checklist to see whether the fence is child-proof. If not, some modifications should be made for the safety reasons.

What are the existing hazards? Is there a swimming pool that has been sealed off with a security fencing? Is there a road nearby that has a busy traffic? Based on that, you should take a look at your fencing and consider the following:

  • How easy is it to climb over the fence? For fencing to be child-proof, the height has to be tall enough so the child cannot climb over it. 
  • It is much harder to climb the fence if it has vertical slats. However, much easier with horizontal slats, especially with large enough gaps for a foothold. Hence, if you are planning to install a new fence with horizontal slats, then mind the gaps – literally.
  • Make sure you keep objects that can serve as an aid to climb over the fence away from it. Child-proof fencing should not have any ladders, chairs, tables (other furniture), plants and so on, near the fence.
  • Locks! Child-proof locks! Various locks on the market are great applications for making sure that children cannot open the gate(s).

Non-permanent child-proof fencing options

Some of the non-permanent solutions that can be added to your existing fencing are sliding baby gates. For example, if you have a fence with an opening, meaning without a gate, you can install a non-permanent one to make sure your child will not go where the hazards are.

There are various baby gates/fencing available. For example, plywood baby fencing, fabric baby fencing, and even metal baby fencing. These temporary gates/fences can be installed and then taken down when your toddler has outgrown them.

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Permanent child-proof fencing options

A permanent fence will act as a child-proof fence if a suitable fencing style has been chosen. For example, if you install a tall fence with vertical slats, it should be child-proof. The same applies to the Colorbond steel fence as it is difficult for a grownup to climb over, thus, almost impossible for a child.

When installing a permanent fence, please know that the measurements and the material have to be chosen carefully to ensure that the fencing will be child-proof.

Be mindful of the fencing gates. Gates should still have child-proof locks, regardless of the height of the fence.

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