Barbed wire fencing, either as standalone fencing or barbed wire as a security measure added to another fence, is a fencing type that is used in many industries for high-security purposes. Its aesthetic appearance is intimidating for a reason and does its job. Therefore, cleaning it may not be the first or the last thing on your mind.

However, even the most frightening fences need an occasional clean to keep them standing strong for longer.

In the following post, we will focus on types of barbed wire, the benefits of barbed wire fencing and, of course, how to maintain it.

Types of barbed wire

Barbed wire can be divided into several subcategories based on the material, strand structure, barb structure and twist type.

Material used is typically either galvanized steel wire or stainless steel wire. 

Strand structure is usually divided into two categories: single-strand and double-strand. This means, that either single or double line wire is used.

Furthermore, barbs can also be put into two categories: single or double barbs. Single is known as 2-point barbed wire and double barb as 4-point barbed wire.

Lastly, the twist type is divided into a conventional and reverse twists. Conventional twist means that line wires are twisted in one direction, and the barbs are twisted between two strand wires. Reverse twist, however, means that line wires are twisted in opposite directions, and barbs are twisted outside of the two-line wires.

Benefits of barbed wire fences

Barbed wire fencing has many benefits. Below we will outline the three main ones.

High-security protection

Barbs on a barbed wire project from the fencing and are sharp. Hence, they will act as a deterrent for animals or people who try to climb the fence. 

Additionally, barbed wire is used as an extra security measure. Meaning that it can be installed on top (or in front) of an already existing fencing. For example, a combination of barbed wire and chain link fencing is popular in high-security areas. 

Lastly, barbed wire (fencing) is versatile and can serve you for many years to come.


Barbed wire fencing is one of the cheapest fencing alternatives on the market. Being a cost-effective security fencing type, it is popular in commercial, industrial and agriculture sectors. Not only the cost of the raw material, but also the installation is relatively inexpensive.


Barbed wire fences can be custom-made, depending on the fencing requirements you have. You can choose the diameter of the wire, the length/size of the edges and the height of the fence. Additionally, as mentioned above, you can mix and match barbed wire with other fencing types, such as chain wire fencing.

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How to clean barbed wire fencing?

In general, you would like to maintain/clean the fencing at least twice a year. Any vegetation should be removed as, in the long run, it can damage the fencing and fencing posts. When cleaning barbed wire, be very careful as barbs can rip your clothes and gloves and can scratch or cut your skin. Hence, extra care is needed when cleaning barbed wire fencing.

Fencing posts should also be kept in mind as rotten or rusted posts will affect the overall structure of the fencing and can cause the wires to become loose or the fencing to fall over instead.

If you notice wires that are loose, it is most likely from loose fencing posts. Note that after the installation, the wire will become looser over time. However, sagging wires will not do its protective job as planned. Thus, they will need fixing as soon as possible. For that, you will need tools to repair the wires. If you do not have the tools, you can purchase them at your local hardware store or call in fencing specialists who will do the repairs for you.

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