Most, if not all of our blog posts, have focused on outdoor metal fencing. However, this blog post will focus on the indoor fencing types available. It will also look into how to maintain indoor fencing so it would look shiny and new for a long time.

Indoor security fencing

Indoor security fencing involves various fencing styles to create a safety barrier. For example, tubular steel fencing in a parking lot prevents vehicles or pedestrians from accessing certain areas.

Indoor Car Park Tubular Steel Fencing Melbourne

Indoor safety handrails

Safety handrails in commercial buildings and industrial warehouses, but also in your own home, can prevent accidents from happening. For example, metal handrails on a staircase can offer the needed support. Safety handrails are used not only for staircases but also for walkways with uneven surfaces, as this is where people can lose balance and fall.

Safety handrails are also a must for indoor (or outdoor) ramps. Moving downwards on a ramp can be slippery, especially if the ramp is exposed to outdoor weather. For example, ramps near the entrance or exit.

white safety barriers Melbourne CBD

Indoor chain link fencing

Indoor chain link fencing is one of the most affordable fencing alternatives. You can powder coat it into the colour of your liking to suit the indoor surroundings. It is also sturdy and the chain mesh barrier can be custom-made to fit the parameters you are after.

safety chain wire screen

Decorative Business Fencing Melbourne

Crowd control barriers as indoor fencing alternative

Crowd control barriers can be installed permanently or used as temporary barriers. For example, during a music concert. They will protect the performers, guide the attendees in the right direction, or simple help with the compliance.

Indoor privacy screens

Just as outdoor privacy screens, indoor decorative privacy screens can create a pleasant atmosphere giving the premises unique traits.

decorative privacy screens melbourne

Decorative indoor fences for dogs

If you have pets, some fencing styles can be used to create barriers for your pets. For example, chain link panels in various sizes can be used to create a space for your dog to run around.

Maintenance of indoor fencing

Maintaining indoor fencing is easy. Just make sure that you wipe it down once in a while to get rid of the dust. Moisture is not as big of a problem as it is for outdoor fencing. However, be careful if you have plants near the fence, especially when you are watering them.

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