Industrial mesh panel fencing plays an important role in providing security boundaries across various industries in Melbourne. Be it from the manufacturing industry to agriculture, this fencing type is a first choice of many business owners.

As choosing the right fencing solution can make a significant difference in safeguarding your assets and property, this blog post will focus on what industrial mesh panel fencing is and advantages of that fencing style. It will also look into some of the most common types and applications of this fencing alternative, and will finish with some installation and maintenance tips.

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What is Industrial Mesh Panel Fencing? 

Industrial mesh panel fencing is one of the most common fencing types in industrial settings as it is a versatile and durable fencing alternative. It has a distinct grid-like pattern constructed from welded wire or chain link material. 

Advantages of Industrial Mesh Panel Fencing

Industrial mesh panel fencing has several key advantages. Firstly, it offers security by securing your industrial premises. It also effectively deters unauthorised entry.

This fencing style has been constructed to withstand harsh Melbourne weather conditions. Hence, making it a sturdy industrial fencing option. Furthermore, industrial mesh panel fencing finds applications across various industrial premises due to its versatility. It is also visible, aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective.

Common Applications of Industrial Panel Fences

Industrial panel fences are most frequently used in industrial settings as they help protect costly equipment and other inventory. Some of the additional places you can usually see these fencing types are construction sites, where they act as safety enhancers.

Further, agricultural settings use panel fences to safeguard livestock or crops. Commercial properties use them in parking lots. You can also find these fencing types in other places that need a security boundary for sensitive areas.

black welded mesh fence Melbourne

Common Types of Industrial Mesh Panel Fences

When it comes to panel fences, there are different types. The most common type is welded wire mesh fencing, which is popular due to its durability. Chain link mesh in a panel form is also quite common as it is more affordable.

Expanded metal fencing is made from sheets of expanded metal. Lightweight and versatile at the same time, this panel fencing type finds applications in industrial settings quite frequently. 

You can choose between different materials, such as steel, aluminium or stainless steel. That will also determine the cost of your industrial fencing. 

Installing and Maintaining Industrial Panel Fencing


When installing this fencing type, there are a few things to pay attention to.

A proper post placement is crucial. Meaning, the fence posts should be properly secured at regular intervals. Further, the post holes should be deep enough to provide structural support and stability.

When choosing the material for your industrial fence, ensure you select high-quality and corrosion-resistant materials.

Once the fencing posts have been securily installed, it is time to attach panels to your industrial mesh panel fencing. They should be properly aligned and secured with appropriate fasteners.

Lastly, a gate (or gates) needs installation. It should be level, have enough space to swing smoothly and have reliable latching mechanisms for structural integrity.

If you are installing the fence yourself without the help of a steel fencing professional, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. These guidelines will vary across different brands/businesses. Failing to do so, you can lose the warranty.


Maintaining your industrial fence is crucial for the longevity.

Start by regularly inspecting the fence. Routine inspections will allow detecting any damage, rust or loose fencing and gate components.

It is essential to address the rust promptly, as it can spread. You can do so by sanding it away, applying a rust converter (or primer) and applying suitable paint coating.

If you find loose nuts or bolts, tighten them. Do not be surprised if you find them, as it can happen due to vibration caused by the traffic at your industrial site. It can sometimes occur simply due to weather conditions.

Cleaning your fence is also essential. Once or twice a year, focus on cleaning any dirt, debris and vegetation you find on and around your fence.

Lastly, please pay attention to gate hardware. It also needs maintenance. Components such as hinges, latches and locks need lubrication for a smooth operation.

Welded Mesh Panels For Welded Mesh Fencing

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