You can indeed seamlessly integrate smart features into your steel fencing, enhancing its functionality while bolstering your property’s security and convenience.

This blog post will centre around a comprehensive checklist to consider before installing smart features, followed by a showcasing of suitable examples of smart features tailored for steel fences in Melbourne.

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Checklist Before Integrating Smart Features into Your Fencing

Below you can find nine suggestions (a checklist) to follow before you integrate any smart features into your steel fencing in Melbourne.

  1. Plan Ahead: Figure out why you need a specific smart feature. Is it for extra security, convenience or aesthetics? That should be clear before installing your steel fence.
  2. Compatibility:  Your existing home automation systems and devices should be compatible with the new smart features you are planning to install.
  3. Durability: Select durable smart devices. Meaning, go for devices designed to withstand outdoor conditions, such as temperature changes and moisture.
  4. Strategic Placement: Smart devices on your steel fencing, such as cameras, sensors and lighting, should be strategically placed along the fence. That will help maximising the coverage and effectiveness of the devices. 
  5. Wireless Connectivity: Smart devices typically use wireless technology to avoid extensive wiring. Ensure your wireless connections cover the area where you plan to install wireless smart devices.
  6. Remote Access: You can choose a smart device that allows you to control your steel fencing through your smartphone app or web interface.
  7. Customise: Some devices offer customisation alternatives, which let you tailor settings to your preferences.
  8. Power: What power source will you use? Is it through batteries, solar panels or a wired connection? Regardless of the power source, make sure it is reliable. 
  9. Professional Installation: To ensure proper installation and functionality of your smart device for your steel fencing, consider hiring a fencing professional, especially when dealing with electrical components.

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Examples of Smart Features for Steel Fencing

Below you can find some of the smart features that can be integrated into your steel fencing:

  1. Smart Security Cameras: If you wish to monitor your property’s perimeter and receive real-time video feeds on your smartphone, consider installing smart cameras along your steel fencing in Melbourne. 
  2. Motion Sensors:  When motion sensors are attached to a steel fence, they allow detection of any movement and trigger alerts (lighting). That allows the detection of potential intruders.
  3. Smart Lighting:  Another way to enhance the security of your property is to incorporate smart lighting fixtures on your fence. They can be controlled remotely for your convenience.
  4. Access Control Systems: Keyless entry systems or electronic gate locks allow you to control access remotely. These integrated systems also allow you to provide temporary codes for visitors. For example, you have a builder coming to do some repair work on your premises. 
  5. Intercom Systems: Smart intercom systems at the gate allow convenient communication with visitors. Additionally, they allow viewing video feeds and authorise access remotely.
  6. Fence-Mounted Speakers:  Fence-mounted speakers allow you to use pre-recorded messages to deter intruders.
  7. WIFI Extenders: If your home WIFI is not covering the area around your fence, you can use WIFI extenders to enhance Wi-Fi coverage around your property. Just mount Wi-Fi extenders on the fence.
  8. Environmental Sensors: Sensors, such as temperature, humidity and air quality sensors, can provide valuable information about your property’s conditions. 
  9. Perimeter Alarms: You can also set up virtual perimeters that use GPS-based technology. That technology allows you to receive alerts when someone or something enters a selected area.
  10. Solar-Powered Charging Stations: You can equip your steel fence with solar-powered charging stations for smartphones or other devices. Saving you some money on your electricity bills. 

Convenience and enhanced security alongside energy efficiency cannot be underestimated. Smart devices on your steel fencing can offer exactly that. 

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