There are many fantastic fencing materials in the Melbourne fencing industry for domestic, commercial or industrial purposes. One of those high-quality fencing materials is aluminium.

How do you decide whether aluminium is better than steel or timber fencing? This blog post will help you decide as it focuses on the types and benefits of aluminium fences.

What is aluminium?

Aluminium is the 13th element in the periodic table – a silver-white metal that is also the most widespread metal on Earth. A surprising fact about aluminium: it makes up more than 8% of the Earth’s core mass.

A pure form of aluminium does not occur in nature, however, as it easily binds with other elements. Thus, it was formally produced for the first time in 1824, and it took another half a decade to produce aluminium on an industrial scale. Hence, here we are, in the 21st century, using aluminium for industrial, commercial and residential fencing purposes.

Aluminium slat fencing Truganina

Types of aluminium fencing

  1. Straight blade fencing – pickets have a flat front facing for extra privacy.
  2. Horizontal slat aluminium fencing – horizontally installed slats to offer a great, modern finish.
  3. Slimline vertical blade aluminium fencing – provides a dimensional look while offering privacy and security. 

Are you interested in other available options ? Please contact our fencing team, who are more than happy to advise regarding your fencing project.

Benefits of aluminium fencing

  1. Aluminium is a lightweight material. Hence, aluminium fences are much easier to install and transport to the desired location.
  2. Aluminium fences keep their pleasing appearance for longer due to being a robust and sturdy material. Even though it is a lightweight material, it does not get dinted when a ball hits or pets jump on or against it. It will hold its shape. Aluminium fences will also keep their colour for many years to come as they will not fade.
  3. Aluminium fences are resistant to most garden chemicals, such as fertilisers. Aluminium is a versatile material and it will withstand chemicals and not corrode. Thus, making aluminium fencing a perfect fencing solution for gardens filled with plants.
  4. Aluminium fences are also weather-resistant fences as they will not corrode or rust, regardless if it rains or hails. What about coastal areas and salt? Aluminium can also withstand salty environments, making them a good fencing choice for Melbourne suburbs located near the water.
  5. Aluminium fences are affordable. For a free fencing price quote, please contact our experienced fencing team.
  6. Aluminium fences are recyclable. Hence, if you want to replace your aluminium fencing in the years to come, it will not end up as a landfill.

aluminium slat gate

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