It may be difficult to find time to maintain your fencing as it requires due to having a busy lifestyle. Hence, having a low maintenance fence can save you some valuable time.

In this blog post, you will find out what low maintenance fencing option in Melbourne are. Hence, keep on reading.

Low maintenance fencing options in Melbourne

Chain wire fencing

One of the most popular low-maintenance fencing options is chain wire fencing. It is a budget-friendly fencing alternative that is practical, durable and safe enough to keep your children or pets within your premises while making sure no unwanted visitor could trespass.

There are a couple of choices available when it comes to chain wire:

1. Galvanized chain wire

Galvanized chain wire has a protective zinc coating that will protect the wire underneath from external elements, prolonging its lifespan. 

2. PVC-coated chain wire

PVC or plastic-coated chain wire, also known as vinyl-coated chain wire, offers the possibility to choose the colour of your chain wire. PVC coating protects from moisture and other external factors. The most popular, or at times the only choice available at certain fencing providers, are green and black as they are the best to blend into the surrounding environment. 

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Vinyl fences

One of the low-maintenance fences, or what some would even call maintenance-free fences, are vinyl fences. Homeowners are turning to this fencing option as it requires minimal care compared to timber fences. Additionally, these fences won’t rot, warp, peel or splinter. Furthermore, you do not have to spend time staining and repainting the fence as it will look like the day you installed it for a very long time.

Aluminium fences

Aluminium fences come with designs that are simple or include more complicated decorative ornaments. However, because of the material itself, this fencing choice is preferred for one important reason – it won’t rust. This light-weight yet very durable fencing style that mostly includes a variation of vertical pickets on horizontal rails has many benefits. For example, easy installation and low maintenance. Use warm water and a gentle cleaning product such as dish soap to get any sort of stains off it. Yes, as easy as that.

Colorbond steel fences

Colorbond steel fences are also low-maintenance fences. If your fence is not exposed to rainwater regularly, you need to hose it down with water biannually to keep it clean. Fences in coastal areas require more frequent washing due to the salt spray.

If more stubborn dirt does not come off the Colorbond fence after washing it with water, you can wash the surface with warm water and soap (non-abrasive detergent). Gently brushing with a sponge or a soft cloth should do the job. Lastly, rinse the fence with water to remove the traces of soap.

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Composite Fencing

Composite fencing, such as Modwood fencing, is a low-maintenance fencing alternative. It looks similar to timber fencing. However, it does not require staining or painting like wooden fences do. These fences also do not rust and splinter. Composite fences can be cleaned with a combination of soap and warm water, and a soft bristle brush. Be careful not to rub the surface too much, as you can leave a shiny spot on your fencing.

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