Another summer has passed, meaning it is time for a metal fencing inspection checklist. Annual (biannual) maintenance is necessary to ensure that any damages to your metal fencing are detected as soon as possible, allowing you to fix the problems without letting them grow out of proportion. Which in turn can mean more expensive repairs.

What should be on your metal fencing inspection list? Let’s find out.

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Metal fencing checklist item #1: Rust

One of the biggest problems that your metal fencing can have is rust. Therefore, it is essential to check for any rusty spots on your fence. Early detection will allow you to use a fine wire brush to remove the rust, not allowing it to spread onto the rest of the fence.

Metal fencing checklist item #2: Dirt, pollen, debris

If your fence is covered in dirt, pollen and/or debris, which it may be at some point, it is important to clean the fence. Not allowing (preventing) the build-up can save the fence from discolouration and corrosion. If you notice the dirt and debris, then simply spray your metal fence with the garden hose, give it a light scrub with a sponge and warm soapy water, and your fencing should look good as new.

Metal fencing checklist item #3: Hinges and latches

The inspection checklist should include inspecting the hinges and latches. If they need greasing, then do that to avoid further damage. If they are too rusty or bent, it is wise to replace them as soon as possible, once again, to avoid further damage to your gates and fencing.

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Metal fencing checklist item #4: Posts

What gives your fence the stability it needs? Fencing posts. Hence, it is important to inspect the posts to make sure they are not loose or leaning to one or the other side. If this issue is not fixed in time, the heavy weight of the leaning fence will eventually damage the structure of the whole fence.

Metal fencing checklist item #5: Gates

Your fence, upon inspection, can reveal other damages. For example, graffiti that needs cleaning. Perhaps, a sagging gate that needs a repair. The key to a long-lasting metal fence is to ensure that fencing and gates are repaired in a timely manner.

metal fencing maintenance checklist melbourne

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