Chain wire fences are some of the most commonly used fences in Melbourne, and have been for many decades. There is a reason. They will last you a very long time if maintained properly.

What happens if your chain wire fence has lost its original appearance due to weather factors or you have gotten tired of the original looks of your fencing? Can you paint it? Should you paint it?

In the below blog post, we will focus on the various styles of chain wire fencing and some of their benefits. We will also answer the questions of whether you can paint the chain wire fencing, as well as if you should do it.

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Different types of chain wire fences

There are mainly three different chain wire mesh available: galvanized, plastic coated and stainless steel chain wire mesh.

Galvanized chain wire fences

Galvanized chain wire mesh is the cheapest option out of the three. Wires used to create a woven structure are galvanized to create a corrosion-resistant mesh. However, note that if the galvanized coating is damaged/scratched deep enough, it will expose the metal underneath and corrosion can take place.

PVC coated chain wire fences

Plastic-coated chain wire, also known as PVC-coated chain wire, is an approximately 30 – 50% more expensive option, depending on the fencing provider. It does, however, offer additional protection from corrosion.

PVC-coated chain wire mesh fences last longer and are a preferred fencing option for sports grounds and areas near the sea/ocean. Why? Sports fences can get damaged by balls hitting the mesh. For example, soccer or tennis balls. If the fencing is near the water, the salt in the air will speed up the process of breaking down the protective galvanized coating. Thus, exposing the metal to external factors.

Stainless steel chain wire fences

Stainless steel chain wire mesh is the most expensive out of the three. Hence, you do not come across stainless steel chain wire fences that often.

Benefits of chain wire fencing

The cost is relatively low. It is an affordable fencing alternative compared to other metal fences.

Chain wire fences that are galvanized and/or PVC-coated for extra protection, do not require a lot of maintenance. Biannual check-ups and a clean-up should be sufficient.

You can choose the height, diamond size, PVC coating (depending on the fencing provider’s options), and you can mix it with other fencing styles.

It is relatively easy to install chain wire fencing.

If your chain wire fencing gets damaged, it is affordable and fast to get it fixed.

Chain wire fences are commonly used in industrial areas due to their affordability and security aspect.

With proper maintenance, chain wire fences can last for decades.

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Can you and should you paint your chain wire fence?

Can you paint the fence? The answer is yes.

You should start by choosing a suitable colour. Not only the right shade of colour, but also the one suitable for metal fences. Use an oil-based colour that also has an anti-rust protection aspect. The paint has to be suitable for outdoors. It also should have aluminium flakes that will create a watertight bond.

You have to make sure you are using suitable brushes and rollers. For example, wool rollers. Use these rollers to cover one side at a time.

Should you paint the fence? If you already have the fence, but feel you should paint it, do it. You can always hire a local painter to do the job for you. However, if you are thinking of installing a fence and then painting it, you can save time by choosing the right fencing provider who will offer the chain wire with your preferred colour.

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