Decorative vines or other plants can add a simple, yet very beautiful touch to your home. Climbers are a good way to turn your metal fencing into a fence that has natural greenery to it. However, you need to be careful when it comes to plants and metal fencing as it may damage the fencing.

Let’s take a look at how.

plants and metal fencing

Plants and fencing

Vines have a stem that requires support to grow. It climbs by tendrils or by twining around the fence. For example, most grapes, some honeysuckles, ivy, lianas, and melons.

However, other plants, such as garden tomatoes could also use the fence as support.

Fast-growing and woody vines or invasive species should be avoided as they can damage the fence. How? They can bring along fungi and bugs. If the plant is too thick around the fence, it will create a perfect environment for moisture. Metal fences do not like moisture because it will create an environment for corrosion.

Metal fencing and plants

As mentioned above, vines do not suit metal fencing. However, there is an exemption – aluminium fencing. It is suitable due to the properties of aluminium. It is rust-resistant, hence, it will not be damaged by moisture from the plants.

If you think that plants are a must, make sure that your fencing is powder-coated and/or galvanized because these protective layers will give your fencing extra protection from corrosion.

A better fencing option for plants

Vinyl fences are sturdy fences and can withstand many external factors. These fences are made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Because of that, they are a low-maintenance fencing alternative. They won’t crack or splinter like wood.

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PVC coated chain wire fencing

If you are looking for a fencing alternative for your vegetable garden, you could turn to PVC-coated chain wire fencing. This fencing type is cheaper than other metal fencing types. Added PVC coating may take the price up a little, however, when it comes to longevity, this PVC coating will allow your fencing to fight the corrosion for much longer.

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