Welded wire mesh fencing is one of the fencing options offered in the Melbourne fencing industry. You can typically find that type of fencing in industrial and commercial areas. At times, welded wire mesh is PVC coated to make it stronger and protect it from various external factors.

In the following post, we will focus on what welded wire mesh fences and PVC coating are, and once combined, what are some of the applications and benefits of PVC coated welded wire mesh fences.

black tiered welded mesh fence Melbourne

What is welded wire fencing?

Welded wire mesh fencing is steel fencing typically made of welded wire mesh panels. These panes consist of wire strands that have been welded together, forming strong mesh.

Welded wire mesh is considered to be a rigid mesh. Meaning, that the wires that cross each other and are welded together tightly limit the movement of wires.

Welded wire mesh is that sturdy it finds applications in various industries. Most commonly in constructions. These high-secure barriers are also a good solution for temporary fencing.

While welded wire panels are a popular rigid security mesh option, rolled mesh is also available.

Welded wire mesh fences can be differentiated by its gauge. Wire thickness typically varies between 2mm to 8mm. Additionally, horizontal wire pitch, meaning the distance between two horizontal wire strands, typically runs between 12.7mm to 200mm. Vertical wire pitch, also known as the distance between two vertical wire strands, alters between 10mm to 76.2mm.

Welded Mesh Panels For Welded Mesh Fencing

What is PVC coating?

PVC coating, also known as plastic coating, is an addition to welded wire fences to protect them mainly from corrosion. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride and it is a cost-effective metal finishing solution.

As PVC is not only highly corrosion resistant, it is also highly resistant to abrasion, pressure, and even harsh chemicals. That allows welded wire fencing to last longer.

Benefits of welded wire fences

Some of the benefits of using PVC-coated welded wire mesh for your fencing project in Melbourne:

  1. Corrosion-resistant. It protects the metal underneath from external factors, such as rain and moisture.
  2. Suitable for sports fencing. As PVC coating is highly resistant to ball impact abuse, having tennis or soccer balls hitting against the sports fencing will not damage the fence. Hence, this fencing type is ideal for tennis courts, crickets and baseball nets, footy and soccer fields, rugby sports grounds, the list goes on.
  3. Looks good! PVC coated wire mesh is aesthetically pleasing. Hence, suitable not only for industrial and commercial premises but also for domestic fencing purposes.
  4. It is stronger than it may look. PVC coating has good resistance to cracking, peeling and splitting.
  5. Sun? Not a problem. PVC coating also has good UV protection.
  6. Welded wire mesh fencing comes in various sizes and colours. Hence, allowing you to choose the best look for your home.

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