Melbourne is known for its ever-changing weather. Going from sunny weather to a rainy one or a sudden drop in temperature is nothing new to Melbournians. Thus, weatherproof fencing is something to consider if you are planning to install a new fence.

This blog post will focus on reviewing available weatherproof fencing alternatives in Melbourne.

Colorbond steel fencing – one of the best weatherproof fencing alternatives

One of the best weatherproof fencing styles in Melbourne is Colorbond steel fencing. The manufacturing process used during the production of Colorbond steel fencing guarantees that it is made to withstand extreme weather conditions. Colorbond steel has also been tested in Australian weather conditions. Meaning, it has been tested against rain, wind, hail, dust and cold.

Furthermore, Colorbond steel undergoes corrosion, durability and application testing. Thus, ensuring the suitability for various applications, including weatherproof fencing.

Aluminium slat fencing Truganina

Aluminium slat fencing

Aluminium slat fencing also belongs to the preferred weatherproof fencing alternatives in Melbourne. A fencing style that has been made up of parallel aluminium slats that are either in a horizontal or vertical orientation, or a combination of the two, is built to last a long time.

How so? Aluminium slat fencing, even when exposed to moisture for a prolonged time, will not corrode (rust). Additionally, aluminium fences have been tested against the harsh Australian weather. Aluminium slat fences, alongside the Colorbond steel fencing, are fire-proof fences, thus, suiting areas prone to bushfires.

Tubular steel fencing

Tubular steel fencing, including other steel fencing alternatives, is a weatherproof fencing option. It is not affected by the decay or insects (termites). Galvanizing and powder coating add an additional layer to tubular steel fencing that will protect the metal underneath from the corrosion.

Furthermore, tubular steel fences have been tested against not only the rain and hail, but also against the snow, heat and fire. Meaning this fencing style will last you decades with minimal maintenance.

PermaSteel fencing

PermaSteel fencing is made in Australia and has also been tested against Australian weather conditions, from rain to unbearable heat. Besides being weatherproof, similar to Colorbond steel fencing, it does not have footholds. Hence, making it much more difficult for intruders to climb over.

Alongside a cheaper price tag, PermaSteel fencing looks stylish whether you are looking inside-out or outside-in.

PVC Fencing Melbourne

PVC coated chain wire fencing

Chain wire fencing is one of the cheapest fencing alternatives on the market. Therefore, a preferred fencing option for industrial fencing purposes. It is also a weatherproof fencing option as chain wire can be galvanized but also covered in PVC. This plastic cover layer adds extra protection from corrosion.

PVC is also fire retardant due to high chlorine content. That, in turn, reduces combustibility. It is also slow to ignite. Furthermore, most PVC formulations will self-extinguish when the flame source is removed.

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